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Who would You hire – Kennedy vs Bielat – Compare Resumes

A new video has been created by the Bielat Campaign comparing the resumes of Sean Bielat and his opponent Joseph Kennedy III in the Massachusetts District 4 Congressional race. It’s painfully obvious that Bielat has far more experience than Kennedy. Kennedy literally only has a few years of experience working in the public sector. He has spent the majority of his life in school and living at home with Mommy. Bielat has many years of experience running successful businesses in the private sector and as a Marine Reservist.

Get an Exclusive sneak peek at the new video here.

Sean Bielat understands the struggles of the middle class in his everyday life because he is part of the middle class. Kennedy is a trust fund baby who just recently moved out of his Mother’s house in order to run for office.

Kennedy believes that Tel Aviv is the capital of Israel and he has the gall to believe that taxpayers will really like it when he raises taxes on them. Bielat understands the support that America needs to provide Israel and knows that raising taxes in this economy is absolute insanity. Kennedy doesn’t have a grasp on reality. His beliefs are that big government is the answer. Bielat lives in reality. He believes that ‘we, the people’ are the answer. Kennedy believes that we ‘belong to the government.’. Bielat believes that the ‘government belongs to us.’

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Joe Kennedy III will raise your taxes and thinks you’ll like it

Joe Kennedy III, of the Massachusetts Kennedy clan, is running for State Representative in Massachusetts District 4 (which includes towns like Fall River, Brookline and Mildford). In an interview on August 20th with WickedLocal, Kennedy told the editorial staff that he is:

 …open to new taxes, but said Congress needs to use a balanced approach that includes spending cuts and targets new revenue. The candidate said that he thinks people will be willing to spend more on taxes if there is a clear, certain plan to get the economy on track. [emphasis added]

The trust fund baby who has never had to worry about money a minute in his life believes that voters in his district, who are having a hard time putting food on the table, will be okay with higher taxes? He actually believes that people want to shell out more cash for a government that is already over bloated and extremely wasteful. Kennedy proves that he is completely out-of-touch with the realities of working and middle class people.

It’s almost egregious that he would mention raising taxes on people with a steady unemployment rate of 8.3% thanks to Democrat policies; foreclosures still happening and people with mortgages under water; food prices and gas prices continuing to rise and finally the fact that Massachusetts residents already pay a lot in taxes! Not to mention that he’d be raising taxes on the entire country, not just a district that would be insane enough to actually vote for him.

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