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Wake me after the GOP primaries are over

The GOP primaries have become such a bore they aren’t worth watching any longer (all the good soundbites come out right afterwards anyway so it’s not like I’m missing anything).  How many debates do Republicans and the media think people can take within a given amount of time?  One debate per primary would serve the purpose.  The debates I truly care about seeing are the ones between Obama and the GOP nominee.  Those will be interesting debates although odds are the Liberal moderators will throw Obama fluff questions rather than hard hitting questions about his failed presidency.  I have no horse in the GOP race nor am I overtly fond of any of the candidates still in the race.  I like something about all of them and dislike things about all of them.  What I DO know is that ANY of them would be better than Obama.

There are only 4 GOP candiates left…. so what have we got?

Mittens aka Mitt Romney – the (cue the far right’s scary music) ‘Massachusetts Republican’.  He’s an extremely successful businessman who also ran the state of Massachusetts pretty well.  People whine about ‘Romneycare’ but what they don’t get is many in MA wanted that crap sandwich (remember… Marxichusetts is uber progressive HELL).  If the majority of MA residents didn’t want it, they would have done something to get rid of it by now –  they haven’t.  Mitt comes off as what I call an ‘Alex P. Keaton’ Republican – safe, intelligent, dresses well, great business/economic mind but isn’t very exciting.  The thing is there are many Indies who would vote for him in a heartbeat over Obama even though they voted for Obama in 2008.

The Lizard King aka Newt Gingrich – the man who cheated on his 1st wife with his 2nd wife then cheated on his 2nd wife with his 3rd and current wife aka helmet head.  I somehow cannot see a ‘floozy FLOTUS’ in the White House.  Granted Michelle Obama lowered the bar in her roll as FLOTUS but not even low enough for people to believe someone like Gingrich’s wife OR Gingrich should be in the highest position in this country.  Not to mention Newt is the KING of Establishment even though he feigns he is not.  He never left D.C. when he was forced to resign.  He just made millions of dollars as a ‘non-lobbyist’ lobbyist.  The man has his hands in all kinds of organizations, including his own, that stand to make millions off of things like Obamacare.

Sanitorium aka Rick Santorum – the man who people believe ‘hates gays’.  Yeah that’ll win over the Indies (who are fiscally conservative and socially moderate).  Santorum is a dud.  He lost his last senate race by such a huge margin  they should have forced ‘mercy rules’ on his opponent.   Santorum lost me when I found out he voted AGAINST a National Right to Work bill while Senator. 

The Angry Elf aka Ron Paul – the man who people think of as their ‘crazy Grandpa’.  The oldest and oddest of all the candidates.  Ron Paul has been in Congress for over two decades yet has gotten jack & squat accomplished.  Sorry but any ass can vote ‘NAY, ‘YEA’ or ‘PRESENT’ – Obama is a perfect example.  Paul doesn’t win  a majority of ANY voter type unless you are an anarchist.  Some of his rabid followers aka Roasted Paulnuts claim HE is the most Conservative of all the candidates yet he has not won the majority of Conservative votes in any of the primaries to date, not even in New Hampshire which is where the Libertarian ‘Free State Project’ set its roots.  Just imagine what ‘regular Americans’, who are not involved in politics at all, would think if they saw Paul in a general election debate with Obama?  Obama wouldn’t have to spend a dime of his huge campaign coffers to win against Paul.

So again… wake me when the GOP primaries are over.  I’m hoping Republicans actually pick the best candidate to win against Obama.  This whining about ‘who is more conservative’ or ‘who is more liberal’ really doesn’t matter.  YOU, my dear Republicans, do not win elections – Indies do.  If you are smart you will pick the right candidate and you will make SURE that Republicans take over the Senate and maintain control of the House because no matter who is elected, they will need to be reigned in and controlled by ‘we, the people’ aka GOOD representatives.  I shudder to think that if Obama is re-elected he will possibly have two SCOTUS nominations.  If that were to happen, we can all kiss the Constitution and this country BUH-BYE.

What NH Exit Polls say about Romney and Paul

What exactly did the exit poll numbers say?  (You can see some of the charts depicting the results for the top candidates below).

What’s interesting about these exit poll numbers is that people continue to claim Ron Paul is the most Conservative candidate yet it seems the people who are most conservative voted from Romney.  He and Romney almost tie in the ‘somewhat Liberal’ category. 

The exit polls showed that while Paul earned the majority of his votes from the younger crowd, Romney earned the most votes from every other age range, including 26% of the younger vote.   In line with age, Paul also earned the most votes from those making the least money at 35% with Romney not far behind at 31%.  Romney won the votes by all other income levels with only Paul close behind in the $30-50K levels.

Voters who have never voted in a Republican primary before gave Paul the most votes while those who have voted in a primary before gave Romney the majority of votes.

When it comes to Party Identification, meaning which party the voter most identifies with, Huntsman scores Democrats with 40%, Paul with 25% and Romney only 14%.  Republicans overwhelming voted for Romney and Independents went for Paul with Romney only 1% point behind.

Romney wins both Registered Independents and Republicans with Paul only 3% points behind for Registered Independents.

Finally when it comes down to voter ideology, Romney earns the most by people from across the spectrum from ‘Somewhat Liberal’ (Paul is only 2% points behind) to Very Conservative.  No other candidate comes close to Romney in the Moderate to Very Conservative ideologies.

What’s interesting is that the Paul camp claims that Ron Paul has won over Independents.  Clearly he has not or the percentages would have been much higher in his favor, especially in New Hampshire where Libertarians (Paul’s true ‘party’) have pretty decent numbers and Paul has had a big presence here since 2008.  They also claim that Paul is the most conservative but he didn’t even come close to Romney in garnering the Conservative voters.  What is very interesting is support from the Tea Party.  Ron Paul’s proponents claim he started the Tea Party yet Romney appears to have gotten far more support from Tea Partiers than Ron Paul.  One thing is pretty clear, some Republicans do not seem to have a grip on Independents.  The candidate that can win over Republicans AND the Indies, will win the race.

Dead People Vote in New Hampshire

This is outrageous and further PROOF that New Hampshire needs to pass a voter i.d. law.  Democrats in the State Legislature are part of the problem.  It’s time to stand up and create a solution!