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There has always been a ‘War on Women’ – waged by Democrats


Democrats and the Obama Administration have created some amusing propaganda  recently – the GOP’s ‘War on Women’.  Many people believe there is no war on  women (there isn’t in the form that Obama is peddling)  but in reality  there has been a war waged against women for many years – by Democrats.   Let’s start with a little stroll back through history.

It was Democrats who didn’t want women to get the right to vote  nationally:  From the New York Times

         Sunday,  February 15, 1920

Booms Mrs. Catt for Presidency

Minnesota Delegate’s Suggestion Rouses Furor in  Suffrage Convention

Praise Hays and Cummings

League Takes the Place of Old Association That Won  the Fight

CHICAGO, Feb. 14 – The National American Woman’s Suffrage Association  today came to the defense of Will Hays, Chairman of the Republican National  Committee, who has been attacked by anti-suffragists for aid rendered to the  suffrage cause, and congratulated the Republican Party “for having a Chairman  who is astute enough to recognize the certain trend of public affairs and to  lead his party in step with the inevitable march of human progress.”

It was under Democrat President Wilson that women (suffragettes) who  were protesting for their right to vote outside of the White House were arrested  and confined to prison.

The Democrats’ ‘War on Poverty’ has done nothing to ease poverty but has  increased the number of women IN poverty and dependent on the government.

What was the message of the social programs that came out of  LBJ’s Great Society?

One of the most devastating to the family was that if an unwed woman  became pregnant, moved out of the home of her parents, did not name or know who  the father was, then Big Daddy in Washington would provide for all her essential  needs. Ergo she no longer needed a husband or the support of her family. In  fact, the more children she had out of wedlock, the more money she would receive  from the government.

The ‘Great Society’ hurt black women and families the most and  still does to this day:

…That’s the deal that the Great Society struck with low-income black  women in the 1970s. The result: the marginalization of black men, an explosion  of single-parent households, and the institutionalization of a near-permanent  under-class.

Forty years ago, social scientists devised a clever euphemism to sum up the  effects of a government program that picks taxpayers’ wallets, weakens the  family, and turns women into wards of the state: the feminization of  poverty.

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Wake me after the GOP primaries are over

The GOP primaries have become such a bore they aren’t worth watching any longer (all the good soundbites come out right afterwards anyway so it’s not like I’m missing anything).  How many debates do Republicans and the media think people can take within a given amount of time?  One debate per primary would serve the purpose.  The debates I truly care about seeing are the ones between Obama and the GOP nominee.  Those will be interesting debates although odds are the Liberal moderators will throw Obama fluff questions rather than hard hitting questions about his failed presidency.  I have no horse in the GOP race nor am I overtly fond of any of the candidates still in the race.  I like something about all of them and dislike things about all of them.  What I DO know is that ANY of them would be better than Obama.

There are only 4 GOP candiates left…. so what have we got?

Mittens aka Mitt Romney – the (cue the far right’s scary music) ‘Massachusetts Republican’.  He’s an extremely successful businessman who also ran the state of Massachusetts pretty well.  People whine about ‘Romneycare’ but what they don’t get is many in MA wanted that crap sandwich (remember… Marxichusetts is uber progressive HELL).  If the majority of MA residents didn’t want it, they would have done something to get rid of it by now –  they haven’t.  Mitt comes off as what I call an ‘Alex P. Keaton’ Republican – safe, intelligent, dresses well, great business/economic mind but isn’t very exciting.  The thing is there are many Indies who would vote for him in a heartbeat over Obama even though they voted for Obama in 2008.

The Lizard King aka Newt Gingrich – the man who cheated on his 1st wife with his 2nd wife then cheated on his 2nd wife with his 3rd and current wife aka helmet head.  I somehow cannot see a ‘floozy FLOTUS’ in the White House.  Granted Michelle Obama lowered the bar in her roll as FLOTUS but not even low enough for people to believe someone like Gingrich’s wife OR Gingrich should be in the highest position in this country.  Not to mention Newt is the KING of Establishment even though he feigns he is not.  He never left D.C. when he was forced to resign.  He just made millions of dollars as a ‘non-lobbyist’ lobbyist.  The man has his hands in all kinds of organizations, including his own, that stand to make millions off of things like Obamacare.

Sanitorium aka Rick Santorum – the man who people believe ‘hates gays’.  Yeah that’ll win over the Indies (who are fiscally conservative and socially moderate).  Santorum is a dud.  He lost his last senate race by such a huge margin  they should have forced ‘mercy rules’ on his opponent.   Santorum lost me when I found out he voted AGAINST a National Right to Work bill while Senator. 

The Angry Elf aka Ron Paul – the man who people think of as their ‘crazy Grandpa’.  The oldest and oddest of all the candidates.  Ron Paul has been in Congress for over two decades yet has gotten jack & squat accomplished.  Sorry but any ass can vote ‘NAY, ‘YEA’ or ‘PRESENT’ – Obama is a perfect example.  Paul doesn’t win  a majority of ANY voter type unless you are an anarchist.  Some of his rabid followers aka Roasted Paulnuts claim HE is the most Conservative of all the candidates yet he has not won the majority of Conservative votes in any of the primaries to date, not even in New Hampshire which is where the Libertarian ‘Free State Project’ set its roots.  Just imagine what ‘regular Americans’, who are not involved in politics at all, would think if they saw Paul in a general election debate with Obama?  Obama wouldn’t have to spend a dime of his huge campaign coffers to win against Paul.

So again… wake me when the GOP primaries are over.  I’m hoping Republicans actually pick the best candidate to win against Obama.  This whining about ‘who is more conservative’ or ‘who is more liberal’ really doesn’t matter.  YOU, my dear Republicans, do not win elections – Indies do.  If you are smart you will pick the right candidate and you will make SURE that Republicans take over the Senate and maintain control of the House because no matter who is elected, they will need to be reigned in and controlled by ‘we, the people’ aka GOOD representatives.  I shudder to think that if Obama is re-elected he will possibly have two SCOTUS nominations.  If that were to happen, we can all kiss the Constitution and this country BUH-BYE.

Obama by the Numbers

Ripping apart NH GOP Rep.Quandt’s outright lies about Right-to-Work

If anything has become crystal clear during the Right-to-Work fight in New Hampshire (which passed with an overwhelming majority just not enough to bypass Democrat Governor Lynch’s veto in the House), it’s that there are union shills that are in the Republican Party.  Normally union shills are only found in the Democrat Party because as most people probably know, Big Labor pretty much owns the Democrat Party.  All one has to do is take a look at their campaign contributions to see that  found here on OpenSecrets.  Public Sector unions don’t try to hide the fact that they are in bed with Democrats and in some cases (although very rare) Republicans.  After all, if public sector unions help to get politicians elected, those politicians are going to ‘owe’ them political favors.  GOP Representative Lee Quandt is one of those Republicans.  As a former public sector union employee, he hasn’t forgotten where he got his start (regardless of how much it may hurt the state) nor has he forgotten who gave him support in his campaigns.  Here is Quandt’s bullsh*t-ridden blog from (of all places the Free State Project – for those unknowing – less government Libertarians):  His words are in italics and quoted, my commentary follows.


“HB 474, the right to work bill is a union busting/employee negotiating busting bill that originated out of one of the right wing groups from VA. Basically, what it does is makes it illegal to be forced to join a union or pay to offset the costs of contract negotiations (fair share). Currently state employees pay 59% of what dues is, if they don’t want to join a collective bargaining group. Some complain it isn’t fair to be forced to pay anything; they want the benefits at no cost to them and free load on the dues paying members. Others argue that if you don’t want to help pay for pay raises, insurance and other benefits, then you shouldn’t get them; interesting arguments.”

Basically employees who wish to opt out of the Union because they do not want to associate with it (that silly Amendment in the Constitution – Freedom of Association) they are FORCED to pay a fee regardless because some employees can’t bargain for themselves and have to submit to the ‘collective’ union.

“I have been told, and as a former state union member, that the state employees, in a 20 year period gave up pay raises for 8 of those years to keep our medical (which is a very good program). As a state probation/parole officer I was willing to work for less money than the private sector to insure Dorrie and the kids had good insurance.”

And how much did the taxpayers pay for that medical program?  How many excess days off did you get per year over what is average in the private sector?  The facts are that public sector employees make more than private sector employees for the same jobs and when you factor in benefits it’s almost triple what the private sector (the taxpayers) are making.

“That is all well and good when the economy is doing good and NH has traditionally done better than the majority; but, when the economy goes bad, like this recession, then the private sector jobs and benefits are reduced and the right wing groups start complaining about the pay and benefits of the public sector; his only one part of the complex arguments that are being thrown around.

They like to throw around the words private sector, private sector this and that. I’m trying to find private sector jobs that require them to put their life on the line fighting fires, arresting murderers, etc, etc. The public sector employees, police, fire, teachers and state employees in NH are not our enemies; they are our friends, allies and neighbors.”

The private sector is what stimulates the economy.  Small businesses are the economic engine of this country. Public sector jobs only suck money OUT of the economy.  The more the taxpayers have to pay (in excessive pension, benefits and pay, the less they have in their pockets and the less businesses have to re-invest money into the economy and create more jobs).  Union members are ALSO taxpayers.

“Why are we attacking them? The speaker of the house was on Fox News telling how he was going to make NH a right to work state. I hate to tell him this; but, NH is not a union state. Sure we have unions and bargaining units; but, not a union state; no one can be forced to join a union.”

I hate to burst your ignorant bubble Rep. Quandt but New Hampshire is a forced union state with fully 48% of public sector workers unionized.  I’d say that’s pretty much a union state.  And again the lie about joining a union.  A worker can ‘opt out’ of the union but they are still forced to pay an ‘agency fee’ and abide by union contracts or forego taking that job – in other words – if the job is under a union contract, a public sector employee has no choice but to work under that contract regardless.  It’s either that or ‘hit the road Jack’ and look for a job elsewhere.

“The RTW out of state advocates claim that if this legislation gets passed then it will increase jobs and we will all be on easy street; just like Alabama, SC, GA and the southern states. Lets pass RTW and lower our standard of living, our health insurance and those benefits that make NH one of the most vibrant and desirable states to live and work in, mostly because of our public services.”

It’s a proven fact that Right-to-Work states have higher increase of job creation than Forced Union states.  Apparently Rep. Quandt only gets the AFL-CIO blogs rather than the actual numbers from the Federal Government.  And funny Quandt mentions ‘out-of-state’ advocates for RTW, there aren’t ANY for unions now are there? (please note the absolute snark)

“If you ask 10 people what the NH advantage is, you’ll get 10 different answers; some will say our tax structure (wrong because NH is not a cheap state to live), we can’t say it is cheap electricity because we are amongst the highest in the country. We can’t say it is our low business taxes, because they are high. The reason is our educated and dedicated work force that is what is bringing business into NH. The largest business group in NH (NHBIA) did a multi faceted survey about NH business and RTW came in #14 (I was told) as an issue.” did a survey of CEOs and where they believe the best states to do business are in the U.S. (note:  CEOs are the job creators).  New Hampshire came in at #18.  New Hampshire will do better if it becomes a Right-to-Work state and it SHOULD do better if the politicians who run the state actually care about their constituents.

“I think what bothers me the most is the misinformation that is knowingly and willfully being put out by our legislative leadership about how RTW is going to increase jobs, benefits and make NH a better place to live. They know better so why are they pushing a deceptive agenda of misleading information? It is obvious that the speaker is looking for higher office and wants to say how he broke the backs of the public sector workers and their families, how he balanced the state budget by denying services to the most needy, handicapped, homeless, and people in need of services. We all knew when we were running for office the state budget had to be cut; but, to try and build a political platform on the backs of those in need is not the NH Republican way. Maybe the people running the political show in NH are not republicans and brought the RIHNO virus into NH when they moved in a few years ago.”

Rep Quandt is so bothered by ‘misinformation’ yet he has spewed nothing but MISinformation since embarking on declining new jobs and economic growth for New Hampshire in favor of his union buddies in the public sector.  Workers will still be able to unionize but they will have a choice.  They will not be forced to pay an agency fee against their will.  If they choose to become a union member, they will still have that right.  The REAL issue is that unions know that many workers will completely opt out of union membership because many are not happy with the union thuggery or the way their union dues are spent on politicking.  That is the true issue and apparently Quandt is a part of it.  He should try being a part of the SOLUTION for New Hampshire working families and put into place a plan that has proven to create jobs time and time again.  And note to Rep Quandt – it’s RINO – Republican In Name Only, not RIHNO or even RHINO.  People in New Hampshire are more worried about progressives such as though who are in the pockets of big labor than they are RINOS but if the shoe fits maybe you ought to wear it – just be sure it has the ‘union label.’

“Now the RTW legislation has passed the house and senate and the governor has vowed to veto it. That means we have to get enough votes to sustain his veto and send some of the right wing loonies back to VA. No matter what happens, sustain or over ride the veto (I’ll be working to sustain) this is not the last vote that will be taken on this, the last vote will be in November, 2012, when the pendulum swings back and cleans out the house one more time.

As a side note RTW has never passed the legislature and it has come forward each session for the past 10 years, the only difference is the people we elected in the last election.”

Yes the people of New Hampshire have voted common sense into office (other than Governor Lynch).  The people of New Hampshire do not want to become Massachusetts-lite.  Everyone has seen how poorly the other surrounding states are run with their anti-business laws, nanny state anti-freedom laws and anti-constitutional laws.  The people of New Hampshire want job creation and a productive economic environment so they can continue to work hard, take care of their families and enjoy the freedoms that Democrats and ‘pretend’ Conservatives like Republican Lee Quandt try to steal away from them.  The Right-to-Work law is pro-ALL workers in New Hampshire. 

Voting against the RTW law is voting ONLY for unions and neglecting the majority of the workers in this state who are NOT unions, specifically public sector unions.  And another note to typical progressive behavior like calling people ‘loonies’ Rep Quandt – many people in New Hampshire, including many Independents such as myself, know the benefits of RTW and we aren’t loonies, we are Americans who believe in Freedom of Association as written in the Constitution and creating legislation that makes economic prosperity BETTER for our state, not worse.