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The Left’s egregious abuse of 9/11 heroes for perceived political gain

As if Trumka’s diatribe yesterday wasn’t bad enough, the Left has decided to jump on the psychotic bandwagon of using unions to somehow smear the Right as haters of our 9/11 First Responders.  Never in my life have I seen such disgrace of a devastating American tragedy as I have with the Left on the 10th Anniversary of 9/11.  The Left has sunk lower than I thought they could with their attempt at tying anti-union sentiments to anti-first responder sentiments.  It is the most egregious, despicable, heinous, vile, ANTI-American, divisive, derisive and disgusting behavior I have seen from the left since becoming involved in politics. 

I thought the Left blaming the Right for Gabby Giffords’ shooting was horrid but they have sunk to what has to be the lowest depths of the bowels of hate in years.  Here are just a few tweets from last night.  Notice who is tweeting this crap – Boehlert works for Soros’ Media Matters, Matt is a Union hack and RWWatchMa also works for Soros – hmmmm… are you seeing the pattern?



Apparently in Ohio at a 9/11 Memorial the Unions just couldn’t put aside their hate and politics.  They just had to protest Governor Kasich while pushing Obama’s ‘jobs plan’.  It is again one of the most vile examples of what is wrong with unions.   After 9/11 this country was unified as Americans.  It didn’t matter if you were union or not, black or white, male or female, Democrat or Republican.  Americans lost thousands of fellow Americans to Islamic Extremist Terrorists simply because we are Americans.  This country suffered a devastating loss that we will never forget.  Our First Responders were running up the stairs of the World Trade Center buildings to save lives.  They died fighting to save their fellow Americans.  They will always be heroes.

What the First Responders did had absolutely nothing to do with the union but had everything to do with their heroic actions on that day.  9/11 was a tragedy for all Americans and all Americans will always remember the people who lost their lives on that day.  For the left to politicize this tragedy and somehow use it to pit Democrats against Republicans is one of the most despicable political ploys they have tried yet.

The Left and unions are only hurting their ‘union cause’ further with this behavior.   The majority of Americans – whether Democrat or Republican, union or not – will find this politicization of 9/11 to be contemptible.  What the Left and unions are doing is taking away the heroism of the First Responders by turning it into a union issue – as if these heroes wouldn’t have done the same thing without a union representative.   They are abusing the actions and memories of our fallen heroes for some perceived, twisted political gain.  Once again, the unions turn Americans against them.  Unions create hate they do NOT create heroes.

New Civility: Tea Party Zombies must Die!

New game found on the internet – Tea Party Zombies Must Die

Can you imagine the outrage if someone created a game called ‘Obamazombies Must die? 

This sounds like something that LWNJ Alan Grayson would come up with.   Whatever did happen to ‘newtone and civility’ that was called for after the Arizona tragedy??? 

Silly me… that only applied to the Right Wing – not the violent rhetoric that has continually come from the left for decades.