American Jobs Act

American Jobs Act
Last week Obama proposed his ‘American Jobs Act‘ in a Joint Session of Congress and to the American public.  The American Jobs Act is not yet a bill with details but Obama continually implored (rather demanded) Congress to ‘pass this bill’ immediately.  The problem is that the American Jobs Act is nothing more than Stimulus Part II.  The first Stimulus didn’t do what Obama said it would do – keep unemployment under 8% yet cost this country almost a TRILLION dollars which will be added to our deficit.  This second stimulus that he is proposing seems to be about creating UNION jobs which does little to help the 84% of Americans who are not unionized.  

FACTS on the Economy
One of the REAL reasons that the economy is at a stand still and headed for a double-dip recessions is specifically due to Obama’s insane policies.  He continues to add regulations onto businesses that are costing OVER a Trillion $$/ year.  Regulations that are overreaching and killing jobs.
Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats have also stated that they REFUSE to allow the bill (when it finally exists) to be broken out into different pieces.  Essentially Pelosi is saying the American Jobs Act is an ‘all or nothing’ bill.  The Democrats are obstructing passage of the bill by not allowing only the ‘good’ parts to be voted on.
The Obama Administration has already set up their Propaganda hounds to push the American Jobs Act without a score from the CBO OR actual legislation.  They have been non-stop sending emails, on Facebook and on Twitter for people to call their Legislators and demand they pass the American Jobs Act. 
With the Left in full propaganda mode, we must fight back.  We cannot let the White House or Congress think that the majority of people actually WANT this ‘Stimulus Part II’.  The only way we can do this is by calling, faxing, emailing, facebooking and tweeting our Congressmen and the White House.  We must use all of the same routes that the Left is using in order to gain control of the message.
Tell Congress and the White House:

-No more spending. Government spending kills more jobs than it creates.

-No more “We have to pass it to see what’s in it” bills!
-No all-or-nothing bills. Let us vote on the good and the bad parts.
The House already passed numerous bills that would create jobs which the Senate is sitting on.  We don’t NEED another bill that will cost billions of dollars.


Find them here

Capitol Switchboard Number:

 (202) 224-3121


Find them here

List of Representatives on Facebook

List of Senators on Facebook

List of Representatives on Twitter here

The White House is actually holding ‘Office Hours’ on Twitter using the hashtag #whchat.  You can ask your questions to various people according to the schedule they have listed here

Insanity can be defined as doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result – Albert Einstein

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