Joe Kennedy III will raise your taxes and thinks you’ll like it

Joe Kennedy III, of the Massachusetts Kennedy clan, is running for State Representative in Massachusetts District 4 (which includes towns like Fall River, Brookline and Mildford). In an interview on August 20th with WickedLocal, Kennedy told the editorial staff that he is:

 …open to new taxes, but said Congress needs to use a balanced approach that includes spending cuts and targets new revenue. The candidate said that he thinks people will be willing to spend more on taxes if there is a clear, certain plan to get the economy on track. [emphasis added]

The trust fund baby who has never had to worry about money a minute in his life believes that voters in his district, who are having a hard time putting food on the table, will be okay with higher taxes? He actually believes that people want to shell out more cash for a government that is already over bloated and extremely wasteful. Kennedy proves that he is completely out-of-touch with the realities of working and middle class people.

It’s almost egregious that he would mention raising taxes on people with a steady unemployment rate of 8.3% thanks to Democrat policies; foreclosures still happening and people with mortgages under water; food prices and gas prices continuing to rise and finally the fact that Massachusetts residents already pay a lot in taxes! Not to mention that he’d be raising taxes on the entire country, not just a district that would be insane enough to actually vote for him.

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