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NH Democrats think women are helpless twits who need a nanny

It was bad enough Democrats paid for a fake ‘war on women’ rally a few months ago but now they are pushing their lies even further and treating women like they are completely stupid. In a column on October 15th, New Hampshire attorney and National Democratic Committee member Kathy Sullivan not only lied about issues but she actually makes women out to be helpless little sheep who need big strong ‘daddy’ government to take care of them. She also doesn’t seem to understand how insurance companies work or that Obamacare is indeed taking women’s health care decisions out of their control and putting it in the control of government. From the column:

The entire top of the ticket on the Republican side of the ballot would affect the ability of women to make their own medical decisions by allowing employers to remove contraceptive coverage from health insurance plans on religious grounds.

Apparently she doesn’t realize that even the far left Democrat Teddy Kennedy agreed that religious institutions shouldn’t be forced to provide something that is against their religion. Bill Clinton’s health care bill also included religious protections. It’s called ‘Freedom of Religion’ and one of the reasons this country was founded. Apparently Sullivan doesn’t believe in Constitutional rights.

In addition, gubernatorial candidate Ovide Lamontagne wants to defund Planned Parenthood. Mitt Romney has said he wants to get rid of Planned Parenthood. Defunding Planned Parenthood would make it more difficult for low-income women to access contraception, and also remove a source of preventive care for services such as cancer screenings.

Planned Parenthood doesn’t need the money. They make millions of dollars every year from insurance companies and through abortion services they provide. Planned Parenthood has almost$1 billion in assets alone with over $737 million in revenue. Romney simply wants to stop funding programs that don’t need the money as do the majority of Americans. There are many other clinics available to women that provide low-income women the same services other than abortion. Sullivan clearly thinks women are too stupid to know this. Why she wants to continue funding a program that victimizes young girls is reprehensible. For a party that is supposed to be ‘for women’, they certainly don’t show that with their support of Planned Parenthood. Of course, the lie about providing breast cancer screenings is just that, a lie.

Access to birth control benefits taxpayers and reduces abortions. According to an article by Reuters, unintended pregnancies lead to one million births each year, at a cost to taxpayers of $11 billion. In other words, not only are Guinta, Bass, Lamontagne and Romney promoting policies that allow employers to interfere with the right of the individual to make her own religious and moral decisions, they also are imposing an economic burden on taxpayers.

Interesting that Sullivan talks about women making their own decisions yet she is whining about how they need the government to make decisions for them. Employers have been choosing health coverage for years and still did up until Obamacare. Now employers are forced to purchase plans for which both they and their employees pay a much higher price. Government is making health care decisions for women. Remember when Obama’s Administration said that women under 50 didn’t need mammograms every year? Insurance companies and doctors told them to piss off. Women’s lives are saved thanks to mammograms yet Sullivan’s beloved Obama Administration is making health care decisions that will kill them.

Sullivan goes on to whine in the article that women need access to birth control and lies that Republicans want to stop access to it. Funny thing, women have access to birth control 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at most major stores and even small convenience stores across New Hampshire and the country. Women even have that silly option of not having sex if they don’t want to get pregnant. To Democrats, women seem to be little sheep incapable of taking care of themselves or actually making responsible decisions. While Sullivan talks about women making their own decisions, she’s pushing for government to make decisions for them, rather than discuss how much Obama’s economic policies have failed women.

How bad have Obama’s policies hurt women?

If more women had jobs, as they will under Romney, they’d be able to afford the birth control that Sullivan and Democrats feel is so much more important than the economy.

Women should be angry that Democrats believe they are so completely ignorant and helpless that they cannot be held personally responsible for their own sexual reproduction. Women should be angry that Democrats are pushing birth control as the most important issue when the economy is crumbling and it is affecting women the most. Democrats should be ashamed of themselves that they treat women so disrespectfully. Women have worked for years to become independent and have earned equality. Democrats seek to destroy those gains by telling women they need to be dependent on the government. Democrats seek to hurt women’s equality by putting legislation into place like the Paycheck Fairness Act that would kill even more jobs for women. Women are not incapable little twits who need a Nanny (Maggie Hassan, Carol Shea-Porter or Anne Kuster) to make their decisions. It is 2012, women have ‘come a long way baby’ despite the efforts of Democrats to destroy their economic freedom with Obama’s failed economy.

Originally posted here:  http://www.examiner.com/article/nh-democrats-think-women-are-helpless-twits-who-need-a-nanny

Some Truth about Unions on Labor Day

Every year unions take great pains to remind people why unions were (once) so great. They attempt to make people believe that unions are still necessary and great now. Unfortunately for union bosses, there is more truth out there now. They can hide from it but they can only run for so long. The fact is that unions do nothing but hurt the economy, taxpayers, consumers and the overall country now, including union members.

Less that 7% of private sector workers are unionized. Why? Workers are protected by a slew of federal, state and local laws. Businesses have realized that offering better pay and benefits will attract better workers, so they offer them. Workers don’t need to be unionized to negotiate their own salaries.

What has changed about unions? Since John F. Kennedy decided to allow public sector unions to organize in 1962(for purely political reasons), we have seen the unionization of millions of federal, state and local workers. Around 37% of all public sector employees are union members. What does this mean for governments and taxpayers? It means higher taxes, bigger government, a less productive workforce and an unsustainable liability of pensions and health care payments far into the future.

George Meany (former President of the AFL-CIO) and FDR were accurate when they agreed that public sector employees could not collectively bargain with elected officials. What has happened as a result? Unions pay big money to elect politicians (majority of money goes to Democrats) and then those politicians in turn pay back the unions by pushing for bigger government, higher salaries and bigger pensions. The tax payer ends up paying the price while have zero say in the collective bargaining negotiations. In Massachusetts an unskilled toll collector on the Massachusetts Turnpike made almost $100,000 in on year. His base salary is $60,000 not including his cushy benefits package . This is egregious and shows exactly how unions and Democrats work with each other in a symbiotic relationship that leeches off the tax payers.

Continue Reading here:  http://www.examiner.com/article/some-truth-about-unions-on-labor-day?cid=db_articles

Sexism is Alive and Well for Democrats

According to the Boston Globe Democrat John Walsh believes that doing laundry is a woman’s job: “The chairman of the Massachusetts Democratic Party, rallying state delegates before the Democratic National Convention, today said that Senator Scott Brown tried to portray himself as “an honorary girl” by folding laundry in a TV commercial targeting women voters.” Seems that John Walsh forgets that this is 2012 and not 1950. Interesting coming from a man who pretends to be all about women’s rights. Actually it is even more insulting that he used the term ‘girl’ in his politically correct world isn’t it? So much for the party that likes to claim they aren’t sexist. Walsh will fit in well with other sexist Democrats at the convention.

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz made a sexist fool out of herself when she called the females speakers at the Republican National Convention ‘shiny packages’. Apparently to Wasserman-Schultz a former Secretary of State, three sitting Governors, a Mayor, an Attorney General, a U.S. Senator and a former Lt. Govenor are nothing more than shiny packages to have on parade. Wasserman-Schultz has the typical mentality of the loons at NOW who aren’t feminists but another arm of the left wing.

And then there’s Bill Clinton (accused of rape; settled a sexual assault claim; multiple sexual assault claims; and predator of young interns while in the White House). It’s clear misogyny lives long and prospers when it comes to Democrats. The party that tried to accuse Republicans of enacting a ‘War On Women’ clearly hasn’t sent the message to their leaders that sexism isn’t OK. The fact that Bill Clinton is the keynote speaker at the Democratic National Convention says all you need to know about Democrats and their true thoughts on women.

Continue Reading here:  http://www.examiner.com/article/sexism-alive-and-well-for-democrats?cid=db_articles

DCCC admits Obama & Democrats had ZERO accomplishments in 2011


The DCCC (Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee) sent out it’s annual 2011dccccheatsheet today.  What’s amazing is that the supposed ‘accomplishments’ they post in it are all things that happened in 2009 or 2010.  There is not one item that Obama or the Democrats ‘accomplished’ in 2011, not one.  It’s actually almost a repeat of what they sent out last year.  Their ‘selling point’ is that Democrats need to band together to get the House back into Democrat hands.  What happened to Obama being the ‘great uniter’?   You would think they would find something different to talk about THIS year since they must have been made fools of over last Thanksgiving’s Cheat Sheet.

HEALTH INSURANCE REFORM to recognize health
care as a right, not a privilege and put a stop to the
worst abuses by insurance companies including
discrimination against people with pre-existing
medical conditions. [OPPOSED BY 100 % OF

ACT to make the largest investment in college aid
in American history. [OPPOSED BY 100 % OF

rights of women and other workers to challenge
unfair pay and help close the wage gap where
women earn 78 cents for every $1 that a man earns

WALL STREET REFORM to rein in reckless practices
on Wall Street, end taxpayer-funded bail-outs and
“too big to fail” institutions, and protect and
empower consumers. [OPPOSED BY A MAJORITY

No mention of the fact that Senate Democrats haven’t passed a budget in over 900 days.  No mention of the fact that House  Republicans have passed bills that would create jobs (and no not government funded jobs) that their Democrat leader in the Senate, Harry Reid, refuses to even vote on.  No mention that Obama’s ‘Jobs bill’ is actually a UNION jobs bill that will cost this country billions.  No mention of Solyndra and other ‘green’ scams that Obama and Democrats gave away millions of our tax dollars to. 

Funny too – you think they’d mention Obama’s ‘military accomplishments’:

Killing an unarmed Osama Bin Laden

Pushing for Mubarak to step down which has created more chaos for the country and will very likely result in Sharia Law – Christians, Women and Gays should love that!

Getting the U.S. involved in Libya where again Sharia Law will probably result.

Sending troops to Australia, Africa and God knows where else.

Keeping Gitmo open!!!


So have some fun at a Democrat’s expense this Thanksgiving.  The DCCC always seems to want them to BE the Turkey at the table on Thanksgiving.  They settle for jackass the rest of the year.

Extremists, Radicals and Freestaters – Oh My!!

Those are the ‘fear mongering’ talking points that seem to come across most New Hampshire Democrats’ lips, tweets, press releases and facebook entries lately regarding legislation being brought forth by the Republicans.  Of course these are the same talking points handed down from the DNC only in the Granite State they add ‘Freestaters’ because those evil, freedom loving Libertarians are such radicals!    The Democrats have no real leg to stand on when it comes to legislation.  Apparently they didn’t get the memo from New Hampshire voters in 2010 when Republicans were voted into the Legislature by a majority.

Granite State Democrats complain that legislation such as repealing RGGI or the passing Right-to-Work legislation are ‘social issues’.  Funny because RGGI does absolutely nothing to help the environment, is a crony capitalist slush fund and costs consumers and businesses even more for electricity costs.  Repealing RGGI will help consumers and businesses by lowering electricity costs and as already stated – have zero, nada, and zilch effect on the environment.

Democrats like to pretend they are for the middle class and workers’ rights yet they are against Right-to-Work legislation which is PRO workers’ rights, giving workers the freedom from being forced to pay union dues or fees.  Since it’s well known that Democrats, including Governor Lynch and those in the New Hampshire State Legislature, are bought and paid for with union dues (which most members disagree with by the way), who exactly are the extremists and radicals – the Republicans who are trying to make the state better for workers and business or the Democrats who want to continue union oppression of workers?

A couple examples from the New Hampshire Democrat Party site:

New Hampshire Democratic Party Chairman Ray Buckley released the following statement on Newt Gingrich’s campaign announcement:

 “…Newt Gingrich’s record of tearing down government – accumulated from nearly four decades in Washington – have made him a darling of extreme fiscal conservatives but not right for Granite Staters who value common sense policies that help those in need over a drown-the-government agenda. Gingrich’s campaign organization, consisting of a vast network of special interests, means he’ll put business first and Granite Staters last.

New Hampshire Senate Republicans Join House Circus and Vote to Reduce Wages, Kill Jobs

“A right-to-work-for-less bill may allow the extremists now in control of the Republican Party to check off an item on their reckless agenda and pay homage to their out of state billionaire contributors, but it will cost New Hampshire workers millions of dollars a year in lower wages and destroy thousands of jobs.”

This is more than amusing since it is extreme Nanny-state government that voters rejected at the ballot box in November.  The votes were not only a referendum on Obama and national Democrats for their far left extremism but on local Democrats as well.  New Hampshire isn’t called the ‘Live Free or Die’ state because it wants to replicate our Nanny state neighbors.  While New Hampshire Democrats use the same talking points handed to them from the DNC that their counterparts in the uber-liberal Massachusetts use, they must understand that Granite Staters are much different breed of people.  New Hampshire is the last bastion of true freedom in New England and the majority of voters have already proven they’d like to keep it that way, no matter how hard the NH Democrat Party seeks to turn it into Massachusetts.  Extremists, Radicals and Freestaters – keep up the good work!

Some facts on Right-to-Work states can be found here.  Democrats refuse to research the fact that Right-to-Work will be extremely beneficial to New Hampshire’s economy and job creation.

Do the Senate Democrats have a clue?

In a statement released today by the New Hampshire Senate Democrats, they accuse Republicans of focusing on ‘fringe social issues’ rather than economic growth.  Do they have a clue?  As reported by Marc Fortier:

CONCORD – Senate Republicans continue to follow their House colleagues’ lead by focusing on fringe social issues while simultaneously moving to water-down two programs aimed at economic growth and job creation. Today, the Senate passed measures to turn the New Hampshire Rail Transit Authority into a powerless study committee and weaken New Hampshire’s participation in the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI).
“New Hampshire voters sent us to Concord to focus on improving our economy and to foster job growth,” said Sen. Sylvia Larsen (D-Concord). “By watering-down both New Hamsphire’s participation in RGGI and the job creating New Hamsphire Rail Transit Authority, Senate Republicans have instead hindered job growth and turned away opportunities to grow our economy.”

Participation in the RGGI costs New Hampshire residents more money out of their already strapped wallets and does absolutely nothing to help the environment.  Not to mention that the funds extracted from charging utility companies for ‘carbon credits’ have been used to give businesses and special interest groups money that they either don’t need or otherwise would have to find elsewhere.  RGGI does not create jobs, it stifles jobs growth if anything because it adds to the cost of doing business in New Hampshire.  Maybe the Senate Democrats should take a look at how Cap & Trade has failed in Europe before pretending it’s a success here or that it actually stimulates job growth.

All the Senate needs to do in regards to a Rail Transit Authority is take a look at Massachusetts.  New Hampshire is a small state with a small population, it does not need a high speed federal boondoogle rail project that will absolutely cost more than it is estimated (which is one reason most states are refusing to add this to their roster of ‘things to do’) and in the long run will cost the taxpayers much more than the benefit.

What the Senate Democrats refused to acknowledge in their statement is how Governor Lynch vetoed the Right-to-Work bill that was passed by a majority in the legislature.  This bill would absolutely bring economic growth and jobs to New Hampshire but since most Democrats are against it, they simply ignore the facts.  These are not ‘fringe social issues’ as the Democrats stated, they are important issues that affect the people of New Hampshire.  By opting out of RGGI, consumers and businesses save money.  By avoiding Obama’s high speed rail, NH residents again save money.  By vetoing the Right-to-Work bill, Governor Lynch and the Democrats who support his veto, cost New Hampshire economic growth and jobs.  Do the Senate Democrats have a clue?