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New Hampshire passes voter ID despite the usual whining from Democrats

Today the Senate and House compromised on their bills and finally passed a voter ID bill that will be in effect for the November 2012 elections.  It’s long overdue that this bill was passed but at least it finally has gotten done and with a veto-proof majority.  Governor Lynch (D) was able to veto the last voter ID that was passed with a simple majority.  Many states are passing voter ID. laws because the majority of voters want these laws in place.  Fully 75%   of voters or more want voter ID. – Democrats, Republicans and Independents alike.  It seems that only the far, far left wing progressives are the ones who do not want voter id.  From the Union Leader:

The House voted 255-103 for a compromise bill requiring photo identification for voters at the polls beginning with November’s general election.

The agreement reached by negotiators combines the Senate and House versions of the bill, with the more lenient Senate version serving as a 15-month transition period and the more restrictive House version in place after Sept. 1, 2013. Voters would be required to present a photo ID at the November general election or sign an affidavit.

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766,000 Women out of work but Obama focuses on Paycheck Act

Since Obama took office, 766,000 women have lost their jobs and are no longer in the workforce.  Rather than focusing on jobs to put these women back to work, Obama is pushing his Paycheck Fairness Act.  Even though there are already remedies for women regarding discrimination in pay, Obama and Democrats have decided that they need to clinch the ‘women’ vote so have brought an unnecessary bill into the limelight.  If anything, the Paycheck Act will hurt women more.  It opens up businesses for frivolous lawsuits and will make businesses think twice before hiring women.

Under the Equal Pay Act, women can bring charges against their employers if they feel they have been discriminated against in their pay due to gender.  In 2008 .html there were only 954 cases of gender pay discrimination brought to the Equal Employment Opportunity Center – of those cases 56% were found to have “No Reasonable Cause” – in other words – the EEOC could not find evidence to back up the woman’s claims.  Only 7.9% of the cases were found to have “Reasonable  Cause”, in which case the EEOC will fight to remedy the situation for the complainant.  Of the millions of women who are in the workforce a very miniscule number have actually filed complaints against their employers.  Not because they can’t file the complaints but because they do not feel they are getting discriminated against in their pay.

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