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Hillsborough race – High Voter turnout? Not really

In a special election to replace Republican Bob Mead in Hillsborough’s 4th District, Democrat Jennifer Daler took the race over Republican Peter Kucmas with 1401 votes to his 1007.  Democrats are now claiming this was ‘high voter turnout’ .  Say what?  In the 2010 elections Jennifer Daler lost with 2497 votes, which is more than the combined total for both candidates in this race.  In 2008 Daler had even more votes when she lost at 3512 .  Regardless of the outcome, there was very low voter turnout for this race.  This is typical with special elections but the Democrats are claiming a ‘referendum’.   Voters may very well have decided they wanted some balance in the Senate (it will still be a Republican majority) but the voter totals do not show anyone to be overwhelming interested in this race on either side.

Results from the 2010 election: 

Results from the 2008 election: 

Both sides will now start playing the ‘spin game’.  The Democrats are already trying to tell people there was high voter turnout when the facts prove there was not.  It would be interesting to see how many Indies actually voted in this election.  Since Daler has previously lost other elections, what does that say about her as a candidate and about voters in the district? What does this say about Kucmas?  Daler had more votes in 2008 and 2010 then both candidates combined in this 2011 election.  Is this a referendum on House Speaker O’Brien and the Republican majority?  It doesn’t really seem so since the voter turnout was so low; however, regardless of voter turnout, Daler still won in a district that has consistently voted Republican.

Trump’s three-ring circus finally comes to an end

Donald Trump announced that he will not run for President in 2012 – bringing his three-ring circus to a long-overdue end.  Why anyone thought that ‘The Donald’ was ever a serious candidate is befuddling.  Trump is known for his antics to get ratings and draw attention to himself and his business endeavors such as ‘The Apprentice’ and the Miss USA pageant.  Trump has a long list of why he isn’t a Conservative yet because he was opening his big mouth and feigning to actually care about the conservative movement, he won over some Independents and even Republicans.  His polling numbers were sky high for a while but thankfully, as people learned the truth about him, his polling numbers started tanking.  Frankly he shouldn’t have ever been on the radar.

Trump did nothing but make a mockery of conservatism and aided the Democrats in making Republicans look foolish – think ‘Birthers’.  As if Trump actually got Obama to release his long-form birth certificate.  Voters need to really start vetting candidates better before they jump on any bandwagon.   It’s not enough to listen to the words candidates are spouting; their past history must be researched.  Voters know this all too well since Obama was elected based on his speeches and not what his past actions told about him.  Had voters actually researched Obama’s past, they would have seen what many Conservatives discovered and realized the man was not suited for the Presidency, same thing with Trump.  Interesting that both Obama and Trump have a lot in common – both narcissists, both like to hear themselves speak but don’t like when others have differing opinions and both like to bloviate rhetoric without having mentionable actions to back up their ‘ideology’.

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Extremists, Radicals and Freestaters – Oh My!!

Those are the ‘fear mongering’ talking points that seem to come across most New Hampshire Democrats’ lips, tweets, press releases and facebook entries lately regarding legislation being brought forth by the Republicans.  Of course these are the same talking points handed down from the DNC only in the Granite State they add ‘Freestaters’ because those evil, freedom loving Libertarians are such radicals!    The Democrats have no real leg to stand on when it comes to legislation.  Apparently they didn’t get the memo from New Hampshire voters in 2010 when Republicans were voted into the Legislature by a majority.

Granite State Democrats complain that legislation such as repealing RGGI or the passing Right-to-Work legislation are ‘social issues’.  Funny because RGGI does absolutely nothing to help the environment, is a crony capitalist slush fund and costs consumers and businesses even more for electricity costs.  Repealing RGGI will help consumers and businesses by lowering electricity costs and as already stated – have zero, nada, and zilch effect on the environment.

Democrats like to pretend they are for the middle class and workers’ rights yet they are against Right-to-Work legislation which is PRO workers’ rights, giving workers the freedom from being forced to pay union dues or fees.  Since it’s well known that Democrats, including Governor Lynch and those in the New Hampshire State Legislature, are bought and paid for with union dues (which most members disagree with by the way), who exactly are the extremists and radicals – the Republicans who are trying to make the state better for workers and business or the Democrats who want to continue union oppression of workers?

A couple examples from the New Hampshire Democrat Party site:

New Hampshire Democratic Party Chairman Ray Buckley released the following statement on Newt Gingrich’s campaign announcement:

 “…Newt Gingrich’s record of tearing down government – accumulated from nearly four decades in Washington – have made him a darling of extreme fiscal conservatives but not right for Granite Staters who value common sense policies that help those in need over a drown-the-government agenda. Gingrich’s campaign organization, consisting of a vast network of special interests, means he’ll put business first and Granite Staters last.

New Hampshire Senate Republicans Join House Circus and Vote to Reduce Wages, Kill Jobs

“A right-to-work-for-less bill may allow the extremists now in control of the Republican Party to check off an item on their reckless agenda and pay homage to their out of state billionaire contributors, but it will cost New Hampshire workers millions of dollars a year in lower wages and destroy thousands of jobs.”

This is more than amusing since it is extreme Nanny-state government that voters rejected at the ballot box in November.  The votes were not only a referendum on Obama and national Democrats for their far left extremism but on local Democrats as well.  New Hampshire isn’t called the ‘Live Free or Die’ state because it wants to replicate our Nanny state neighbors.  While New Hampshire Democrats use the same talking points handed to them from the DNC that their counterparts in the uber-liberal Massachusetts use, they must understand that Granite Staters are much different breed of people.  New Hampshire is the last bastion of true freedom in New England and the majority of voters have already proven they’d like to keep it that way, no matter how hard the NH Democrat Party seeks to turn it into Massachusetts.  Extremists, Radicals and Freestaters – keep up the good work!

Some facts on Right-to-Work states can be found here.  Democrats refuse to research the fact that Right-to-Work will be extremely beneficial to New Hampshire’s economy and job creation.

Do the Senate Democrats have a clue?

In a statement released today by the New Hampshire Senate Democrats, they accuse Republicans of focusing on ‘fringe social issues’ rather than economic growth.  Do they have a clue?  As reported by Marc Fortier:

CONCORD – Senate Republicans continue to follow their House colleagues’ lead by focusing on fringe social issues while simultaneously moving to water-down two programs aimed at economic growth and job creation. Today, the Senate passed measures to turn the New Hampshire Rail Transit Authority into a powerless study committee and weaken New Hampshire’s participation in the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI).
“New Hampshire voters sent us to Concord to focus on improving our economy and to foster job growth,” said Sen. Sylvia Larsen (D-Concord). “By watering-down both New Hamsphire’s participation in RGGI and the job creating New Hamsphire Rail Transit Authority, Senate Republicans have instead hindered job growth and turned away opportunities to grow our economy.”

Participation in the RGGI costs New Hampshire residents more money out of their already strapped wallets and does absolutely nothing to help the environment.  Not to mention that the funds extracted from charging utility companies for ‘carbon credits’ have been used to give businesses and special interest groups money that they either don’t need or otherwise would have to find elsewhere.  RGGI does not create jobs, it stifles jobs growth if anything because it adds to the cost of doing business in New Hampshire.  Maybe the Senate Democrats should take a look at how Cap & Trade has failed in Europe before pretending it’s a success here or that it actually stimulates job growth.

All the Senate needs to do in regards to a Rail Transit Authority is take a look at Massachusetts.  New Hampshire is a small state with a small population, it does not need a high speed federal boondoogle rail project that will absolutely cost more than it is estimated (which is one reason most states are refusing to add this to their roster of ‘things to do’) and in the long run will cost the taxpayers much more than the benefit.

What the Senate Democrats refused to acknowledge in their statement is how Governor Lynch vetoed the Right-to-Work bill that was passed by a majority in the legislature.  This bill would absolutely bring economic growth and jobs to New Hampshire but since most Democrats are against it, they simply ignore the facts.  These are not ‘fringe social issues’ as the Democrats stated, they are important issues that affect the people of New Hampshire.  By opting out of RGGI, consumers and businesses save money.  By avoiding Obama’s high speed rail, NH residents again save money.  By vetoing the Right-to-Work bill, Governor Lynch and the Democrats who support his veto, cost New Hampshire economic growth and jobs.  Do the Senate Democrats have a clue?

Governor Lynch vetoes workers’ right and NH economic growth

Governor Lynch vetoed the Right-to-Work bill that was passed by a majority in both the New Hampshire House and Senate.   The bill would actually give workers the choice of joining a union or not and no longer allow unions to forcibly extract ‘agency fees’ from those who choose not to be a part of the union (workers can currently ‘opt out’ of the union but they still have to pay a ‘fee’).   The bill gives workers more rights than they currently have under the forced unionism of New Hampshire.  The majority of people in this country are not unionized.  While unions may have served a purpose decades ago, their purpose has ceased to exist other than to rake taxpayers over the coals via public sector unionization (not to mention higher costs to consumers in the private sector).  It has been proven that Right-to-Work states fare much better economically than Forced Union states, especially during hard economic times.   Why Governor Lynch would veto a bill that would help all of New Hampshire is mind boggling.  Is he that indebted to the unions?
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Obama’s fantasy DREAM Act – votes only please

Yesterday Obama gave a speech, conveniently, at a border town in Texas.  He was promoting his new campaign issue – the DREAM Act – yet to anyone who has been paying attention to politics the past 3 years, his speech fell flat.  His ‘dream’ is nothing more than more of his broken promises.  There’s this little fact that Obama forgets about his presidency – he had a majority in the House and Senate when he got into office.  Obama squandered his majority rule over a failed stimulus and the epic failure of Obamacare, completely ignoring the pro-amnesty quadrant that helped vote him into office.

Obama had an entire year with a total Democrat majority yet did absolutely nothing to move the DREAM Act forward.  He completely ignored the illegal aliens who voted for him and the pro-amnesty people who voted for him by pushing the DREAM Act to the side.  Now he feigns to actually care about immigration by pushing it as part of his ‘Wrecking The Future’ re-election campaign.  Is Obama speaking out of one side of his mouth again as he did in 2008 to woo Latino voters who are already unhappy with his presidency?

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Are NH State Senators for ‘Green Street’ or their constituents – their vote will tell

The New Hampshire Senate will be back in session on Wednesday with a slew of various issues on their plate. One issue that is extremely important to the people of New Hampshire is a bill to repeal membership in the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (HB519). The House voted with an overwhelming majority to repeal New Hampshire’s membership. It’s now up to the Senate to vote in order to make the bill a veto-proof majority (Governor Lynch, who got New Hampshire into this Initiative, has said he will veto its repeal). There has been no actual benefit to New Hampshire for participating in this Initiative other than raking in millions to hand out to special interests in the name of ‘green energy’.

It’s really quite simple, utilities use energy to provide the state of New Hampshire energy, therefore creating Carbon Dioxide or CO2 emissions, the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative forces energy producers to purchase ‘credits’ for the amount of CO2 they emit or expect to emit. The State has a cap on the amount; however, more can always be purchased on the ‘market’ – think ‘Green Street’ rather than Wall Street, only the same ‘green’ dollars are being made by companies like World Energy Solutions who are trading the ‘carbon credits’ for the RGGI. From the NJ

The bidders at RGGI auctions include Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch, JPMorgan Chase and other Wall Street heavyweights. They hope to make big money by speculating on the price of permits, called allowances. Electric power plants are required to obtain an allowance for each ton of CO-2 they emit.

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