NH Bill Would Allow Federalization of Education

There is a Bill before the NH Senate Education Committee giving the Legislature the authority to vote on the adoption of National Standards. (HB 164)

Last year the APPOINTED NH Board of Ed. voted in favor of adopting National Standards. This Board is not representative of the people in NH however the Legislature is an elected body representing the voters in NH.

The national take-over in education is no different than the national take over in health care. With a Republican led Senate, this should be an easy decision for the Senators.

This Bill was presented to the Senate Education Committee a while ago but has not been voted on. I think this is a good time to write YOUR Senator and the Senate Education Committee letting them know we do NOT want a National take -over in education.

 Not only will this erode even MORE local control, this could cost an enormous amount of money. Some states are predicting the costs to be in the millions. CA is predicting 1.5 BILLION (Source: EdSource_CommonCore_2010-06-1.pdf pg. 18, starting in the third full paragraph)

EMAIL & CALL the Senate Education Committee
Nancy F. Stiles  nancy.stiles@leg.state.nh.us 
(603) 271-6933

James R. Forsythe james.forsythe@leg.state.nh.us
(603) 271-3096

Sharon M. Carson sharon.carson@leg.state.nh.us
 (603) 271-2674

Molly M. Kelly  molly.kelly@leg.state.nh.us
(603) 271-2166
 Russell E. Prescott  represcott@represcott.com 
(603) 271-3074

CC a copy of your email to your State Senators

 “Historically, much of the motivation for public schooling has been to stifle variety and institute social control.” — Jack Hugh


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