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DCCC admits Obama & Democrats had ZERO accomplishments in 2011


The DCCC (Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee) sent out it’s annual 2011dccccheatsheet today.  What’s amazing is that the supposed ‘accomplishments’ they post in it are all things that happened in 2009 or 2010.  There is not one item that Obama or the Democrats ‘accomplished’ in 2011, not one.  It’s actually almost a repeat of what they sent out last year.  Their ‘selling point’ is that Democrats need to band together to get the House back into Democrat hands.  What happened to Obama being the ‘great uniter’?   You would think they would find something different to talk about THIS year since they must have been made fools of over last Thanksgiving’s Cheat Sheet.

HEALTH INSURANCE REFORM to recognize health
care as a right, not a privilege and put a stop to the
worst abuses by insurance companies including
discrimination against people with pre-existing
medical conditions. [OPPOSED BY 100 % OF

ACT to make the largest investment in college aid
in American history. [OPPOSED BY 100 % OF

rights of women and other workers to challenge
unfair pay and help close the wage gap where
women earn 78 cents for every $1 that a man earns

WALL STREET REFORM to rein in reckless practices
on Wall Street, end taxpayer-funded bail-outs and
“too big to fail” institutions, and protect and
empower consumers. [OPPOSED BY A MAJORITY

No mention of the fact that Senate Democrats haven’t passed a budget in over 900 days.  No mention of the fact that House  Republicans have passed bills that would create jobs (and no not government funded jobs) that their Democrat leader in the Senate, Harry Reid, refuses to even vote on.  No mention that Obama’s ‘Jobs bill’ is actually a UNION jobs bill that will cost this country billions.  No mention of Solyndra and other ‘green’ scams that Obama and Democrats gave away millions of our tax dollars to. 

Funny too – you think they’d mention Obama’s ‘military accomplishments’:

Killing an unarmed Osama Bin Laden

Pushing for Mubarak to step down which has created more chaos for the country and will very likely result in Sharia Law – Christians, Women and Gays should love that!

Getting the U.S. involved in Libya where again Sharia Law will probably result.

Sending troops to Australia, Africa and God knows where else.

Keeping Gitmo open!!!


So have some fun at a Democrat’s expense this Thanksgiving.  The DCCC always seems to want them to BE the Turkey at the table on Thanksgiving.  They settle for jackass the rest of the year.

Occupy Wall Street is nothing but a Union Movement

Occupy Wall Street has tried to paint themselves as a ‘grassroots’ movement of the 99%.  However it’s become increasingly clear that they have become nothing more than a union movement – the 12% of this country.  Tonight an organization called sponsored an event at Foley Square in New York City. claims to be ‘Fighting for a city that works for all’ with no links on their site (what can been seen of it) that tells people who they REALLY are – the SEIU.  From their ‘About Us’ page:

 About United NY

We’re standing up for a vision of New York City where everyone, not just a privileged few, has the opportunity to thrive and build a secure, dignified life for themselves and their families. Corporations, big banks and Wall Street are making billions in profits. They should be investing in good jobs and paying their fair share in taxes so we can stop the cuts to education, healthcare, public transportation and other vital city services.
It was aka SEIU that set up many of the ‘Occupy Events’:


Their facebook page claims they are a Community Organization – never mentions they are the SEIU:



Since some in the OWS claim to be against money in politics, one would find it strange that they would bed with unions since unions spend billions in politicking and do exactly the same thing as what OWS claims corporations do.  It was also strange to hear the OWS chanting well known union chants over and over (‘This is what Democracy looks like’ etc etc).  Most people just thought unions jumped on the bandwagon – not true. domain was created in APRIL 2011:

The following shows the IP Address of the website:

The following then links the IP addy to the SEIU in Washington D.C.:

So much for Occupy Wall Street being grassroots.  The Occupiers who had no clue about the union involvment are nothing but ‘useful idiots’ for unions and the far left wing.  The reason there was money and ‘tech guys’ to set up local phone lines and websites was because OWS is NOT a grassroots movement.  It’s a sham.  Occupy Wall Street isn’t about the 99%.  It’s about the 12% that are UNION in this country.  Period.

Occupy Christmas??

The latest in the Occupy ‘revolution’ is to Occupy Christmas because “Unregulated hyper-capitalism is a homicidal force.”

Apparently the Occupiers forget the story of ‘The Grinch’ and what Christmas is actually all about.  I highly doubt the Occupiers will tell Mommy & Daddy NOT to buy them the latest iPhone and I highly doubt Occupy parents will refuse to buy their children the latest Twilight things (or whatever is hot on the ‘kid list’ these days).  Occupying Christmas is kind of like when Al Gore tells everyone to reduce their carbon footprint while he makes his even bigger – hypocrisy and not going to happen.

You can check them out on facebook  and Twitter at:  @OccupyXmasTime

Occupy Movement and Unions – This is what Hypocrisy Looks Like

The ‘Occupy’ movement has become widespread across the country with at least one message that is clear and most people agree on – ‘end the corruption in politics’.  They have a slew of other messages that vary but we’ll stick to this one talking point.  The Occupiers maintain that corporations buy politicians and therefore control the government.  They want all money out of politics.  This is completely understandable and most people would agree on this point except for one little thing:  They have partnered with unions who contribute millions of dollars to politicking every single year.  Have they forgotten that Trumka visits the White House often?  Talk about corruption!

Unions spend a fortune on elections and lobbying on issues each and every year.  According to, several Unions are considered ‘Heavy Hitters’ when it comes to lobbying Congress:

Union Lobbying

From AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka  – 
From the New York Times

Union leaders, who were initially cautious in embracing the Occupy movement, have in recent weeks showered the protesters with help — tents, air mattresses, propane heaters and tons of food. The protesters, for their part, have joined in union marches and picket lines across the nation. About 100 protesters from Occupy Wall Street are expected to join a Teamsters picket line at the Sotheby’s auction house in Manhattan on Wednesday night to back the union in a bitter contract fight.

So not only has the Occupy movement embraced the multi-million dollar a year politicking unions but the unions have even found a way to make ‘useful idiots’ out of the Occupiers.  What is also ironic is that many Union Presidents are IN the 1% (which falls right under $344,000).  The Occupy movement is holding hands with the very people that help corrupt and buy the political system and also happen to be 1%ers – those who appear to be the most revolting to Occupiers.   This is what hypocrisy looks like.