Obama’s fantasy DREAM Act – votes only please

Yesterday Obama gave a speech, conveniently, at a border town in Texas.  He was promoting his new campaign issue – the DREAM Act – yet to anyone who has been paying attention to politics the past 3 years, his speech fell flat.  His ‘dream’ is nothing more than more of his broken promises.  There’s this little fact that Obama forgets about his presidency – he had a majority in the House and Senate when he got into office.  Obama squandered his majority rule over a failed stimulus and the epic failure of Obamacare, completely ignoring the pro-amnesty quadrant that helped vote him into office.

Obama had an entire year with a total Democrat majority yet did absolutely nothing to move the DREAM Act forward.  He completely ignored the illegal aliens who voted for him and the pro-amnesty people who voted for him by pushing the DREAM Act to the side.  Now he feigns to actually care about immigration by pushing it as part of his ‘Wrecking The Future’ re-election campaign.  Is Obama speaking out of one side of his mouth again as he did in 2008 to woo Latino voters who are already unhappy with his presidency?

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