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Elizabeth Warren’s ‘war on workers’

Elizabeth Warren likes to pretend she’s for ‘the little guy’ or worker yet her past history and record of supporting legislation that will necessarily hurt the ‘little guy’ proves otherwise. There’s also the fact she’s campaigning around Massachusetts with out-of-state unions. Since unions in Massachusetts make up less than 18% of the total workforce, just who is Warren planning on representing in her bid for the senate seat? In a report by the Associated Press yesterday, Warren touts her support for Obamacare despite the fact that it will raise taxes on medical device companies (which affects workers) that thrive in Massachusetts and despite the fact that it will increase costs on workers.

Obama promised that premiums would go down once Obamacare was put into place but they have actually risen by $3,000 a year for workers. Obamacare will tax workers who have a ‘cadillac insurance plan’ in the upcoming years. This means millions of workers will have to pay an excise tax on good health insurance plans provided by their employers, necessarily affecting union workers the most. There are 5 new taxes in Obamacare that will affect workers in 2013 alone. Warren will claim Obamacare will keep people from going bankrupt but her medical bankruptcy myth was debunked years ago. Her medical bankruptcy claim is just another of her list of lies and fraudulent claims.

Warren’s war on workers doesn’t end with Obamacare. Warren’s history as a legal consultant for large companies against workers is becoming infamous. William Jacobson of Legal Insurrection, an Associate Clinical Professor at Cornell University, has been writing about Warren’s extensive involvement in lawsuits in which she helped large companies get out of paying monies owed to workers. Yesterday he posted how Warren helped Traveler’s Insurance get out of paying asbestos victims. Previously he has pointed out that “Warren represented Dow Chemical at a time it was denying any liability for breast implant claims.” Since Warren was representing Dow Chemical as her client, she clearly was working against the women who were suing them. Jacobson also reports on Warren’s involvement in the destruction of a small rural electric cooperative while representing a large utility. Of course this would kill jobs and hurt workers, namely ‘the little guys’.

And of course, as previously reported, Elizabeth Warren is campaigning around Massachusetts with an out-of-state union. Who exactly is Warren planning on representing in the Senate – union workers only; union workers from out-of-state or simply those who agree with her far left wing progressive ideology? Since union workers represent a small portion of the Massachusetts workforce and Warren is clearly emboldened to them (they will pay for her to be elected and then she will have to pay them back with votes to raise taxes and grow government), how exactly is Warren representing ‘the little guy’, the regular worker? Simply, she isn’t.

Warren has proven that she will continue to rail against workers with legislation and take note union members – that includes against you as well in Obamacare. While union leaders from out-of-state continue to spend union members’ dues to elect Elizabeth Warren, she continues her ‘war on workers’ with her ideology. Since Warren has a past of fighting against ‘the little guy’, it’s pretty obvious she’ll continue that modus operandi if she were to be elected. The only people who can stop Elizabeth Warren’s ‘war on workers’ are the workers themselves at the voting booth.

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Elizabeth Warren thinks Massachusetts women are stupid

In another debate last night for theMassachusetts Senate seat up for grabs this year, Scott Brown (Republican Incumbent) met with Elizabeth Warren (Democrat challenger) to discuss the issues. Warren continued her usual lies but again pushed her egregious lies about Brown’s ‘votes against women’ (recall the Senator is married with two daughters). Warren has a very long historyof fraud and lying but her ridiculous accusations that Brown is against his wife and daughters are just that, ridiculous. What’s even worse is that Warren obviously thinks women in Massachusetts are stupid because if any woman reads the two bills she’s referring to below, they’d see that she’s outright lying. Maybe it’s because Warren isn’t actually from Massachusetts. Maybe Warren thinks she’s above having to tell the truth because she’s a professor at Harvard. She hasn’t been honest throughout her campaign and maybe living in the ‘ivory towers’ for so long have finally eaten away at her brain.

These points were made in a video that Warren released for fundraising after the debate but they have all been lies debunked previously and often. Since Warren has a very long record of lying, it’s not surprising but it’s embarrassing that she believe women are so stupid:

Warren: Scott Brown had exactly one changed to vote equal pay for equal work and he voted no.

Warren is referring to the Paycheck Fairness Act which has absolutely nothing to do with equal pay. The Equal Pay Act was voted into law in the 1960s and has remained intact since then. The Paycheck Fairness Act is about lawsuits and forcing employers to allow people to discuss their pay at work, something that would create havoc in the workplace for all employees, never mind women. The Act would necessarily hurt women in the workforce but that doesn’t stop Warren from lying about it. Not only would it hurt women but it would hurt business and the economy but vulture lawyers like Warren would sure have a field day. (See Warren’s work against women with Dow Chemical)

Warren: He had exactly one chance to vote for insurance coverage for birth control and other preventative services for women, he voted no.

Amusing that Warren is referring to the Blunt Amendment that Teddy Kennedy also agreed withthat doesn’t force religious employers to provide any type of services that are against their religious beliefs – i.e., birth control and abortion. Apparently Warren wants to force Catholic institutions to now pay for abortions. Remember also that women can get birth control for around$9 a month at their local pharmacies. Of course, Warren believes women are too stupid to take care of themselves so big Daddy government has to step on the religious rights of institutions to make sure they take care of women.

Warren: He had one chance to vote for a pro-choice woman from Massachusetts to the United States Supreme Court and he voted no.

This is where Warren really shows she is out of her mind. She is referring to Elena Kagan who is now on the Supreme Court who had zero experience as a justice, ever. That’s right; Warren believes being pro-choice is a qualification for getting nominated to the Supreme Court. Forget that Kagan never sat one day in a court room as a judge; forget that Kagan never decided any civil or criminal cases as a justice; forget that Kagan had pretty much zero real world law experience; Warren believes women are so incredibly stupid that they’d vote for a woman to be in the highest judicial position in the United States just because she is pro-choice.

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Elizabeth Warren has little respect for Massachusetts Voters

Elizabeth Warren
(Democrat) is running for the Senate seat in Massachusetts currently held by Scott Brown (Republican).  As her candidacy has unfolded, so has her past of fraudulence and continual lies.  Those things apparently aren’t bad enough.  Warren now wants to continue lying only it’s about Scott Brown and Republicans.  Rather than discuss the issues, she has chosen to outright lie about what legislation represents and not tell the truth about other policies.  Elizabeth Warren is originally from Oklahoma, maybe that’s why she has no respect for Massachusetts voters.

Below is a list of her recent lies and the actual truth, because the people in Massachusetts (and the entire country) deserve better:

Warren“Scott Brown voted against equal pay for women.”

The Equal Pay Act was voted on and passed in 1964 – long before Scott Brown was working in the Senate.  As a matter of fact, he was just a kid when that Act was passed (NOTE: only Democrats voted against it).  What Warren must be referring to is the Paycheck Fairness Act which is about lawsuits and forcing businesses to allow all employees to openly discuss what they are paid.  In fact, the Paycheck Fairness Act would actually hurt women  if it had passed.   Historical facts seem to be above Warren’s pay grade (earning millions does not make a person smarter).

Warren“Scott Brown voted to protect tax breaks for oil companies.”

There are no special tax breaks for oil companies“They are the standard relief afforded manufacturers, mining companies and other businesses to help recognize the costs of operations”  Increasing taxes on any company during a recession when unemployment has remained over an 8% high (thanks to Warren’s own political party) for 3 years would be voting for killing more jobs.    Apparently Warren doesn’t understand how business, the economy or the tax code works.  Scott Brown did the right thing for his constituents and the country by not voting to kill more jobs.

Warren“Scott Brown voted against three jobs bills.”

The ‘jobs bills’ Warren is referring to weren’t job creation bills but more spending bills.  After the debacle of the Stimulus that spent almost a trillion taxpayer dollars, Warren should know better than to think voters are willing to waste even more money.  The average cost per job ‘created or saved’ from the Stimulus bill was $300,000.  The private sector needs to create jobs and the House, with bi-partisan votes, has passed over 25 bills    that would not cost the taxpayers any money but would help create jobs in the private sector.  It is Democrat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid that has refused to bring the bills to the Senate floor.  Maybe Warren should start hammering Reid over this.

Warren“The Republican agenda is to limit women’s access to health care services.”

Warren is referring to the fight over forcing religious institutions to provide contraception to employees even though it is against their religious beliefs.  Funny thing, ‘Liberal Lion’ Teddy Kennedy agrees with Scott Brown and many others, including Democrats and the Constitution that the government not be allowed to force this upon these institutions.  No one is limiting access to health care services.  Women are free to go into their local pharmacy and purchase birth control at very cheap prices.  Apparently Warren believes women are too helpless to be personally responsible for their own actions.

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The truth about Warren gets even worse

Professor Warren’s claims and the facts:

CLAIM:  Professor Warren was part of a group from Harvard that did a study claiming that half of all bankruptcies were due to medical reasons.  Note:  Warren is for government run healthcare i.e., the single payer system.

FACT: There has been years of research that proves the exact opposite of what Professor Warren and her group claimed and Democrats continually used when pushing Obamacare.  From the National Center for Policy Analysis:

The idea that half of all bankruptcies are caused by medical debt has become part of the common folklore. But where did the idea come from? What is the evidence for it? The claim, first made in a 2005 Health Affairsarticle, is at variance with four decades of economic research, including a finding that even large medical bills have no impact on family living standards.

CLAIM: Professor Warren wrote a book in 2003 called “The Two-Income Trap: Why Middle-Class Parents are Going Broke.” In it she “…made the case that income stagnation — caused by failed pro-market policies — is killing the middle class, forcing them to take on ever greater amounts of debt to afford a traditional middle-class lifestyle.”

FACT:  Not only is income inequality another myth  propagated by the Left but incomes were not stagnant when Elizabeth Warren wrote her book.  From The American Enterprise Institute:

Has the middle class stagnated during the past 30 years? I’ve pointed to a pair of Fed studies that show middle-class wages and incomes rising since the 1970s. But CDO disqualify those studies mainly because liberal economist Jared Bernstein says they’re no good. If only there was some economist CDO respected who could back up my claims. Wait, Robert Gordon does! Here is a bit from an email Gordon sent me in 2007:

The correct statement is that correcting the upward bias of the official [consumer price index] adds more than 1 percent per year to official estimates of the growth in median and mean wages. Cumulatively since 1977, my best estimate of the upward bias in the CPI cumulates to 38 percent between 1977 and 2006. Thus if someone came along and said the male median wage adjusted for CPI inflation has been stagnant since 1977, I would translate this into a true 38 percent increase.

And don’t forget brand-new research from University of Chicago’s Bruce Meyer and Notre Dame’s James Sullivan who find that “median income and consumption both rose by more than 50 percent in real terms between 1980 and 2009.”

CLAIM:  Elizabeth Warren not only helped to create the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau under Obama but has continually claimed she is about protecting consumers.  She’s actually made quite a name for herself in this area.

FACT:  Professor Warren consulted with an insurance company to suppress asbestos claims, hardly a trait of someone who claims to protect consumers.  From The Washington Beacon:

Democratic Massachusetts Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren publicly supports a consumer protection platform, but records show she received more than $100,000 to help suppress personal injury lawsuits against an insurance company accused of misleading the public about the dangers of asbestos.

Warren wrote in a Supreme Court brief on behalf of Travelers that the asbestos victims’ lawsuits were part of a “global strategy developed by the asbestos plaintiffs’ bar.” Warren also criticized the victims’ “enterprising” lawyers. According to Warren:

After a full, contested evidentiary hearing, the bankruptcy court concluded that all of the pending direct action suits against Petitioners violated the 1986 confirmation order, finding as a matter of fact that these new claims were part of a global strategy developed by the asbestos plaintiffs’ bar to put Petitioners ‘in Manville’s chair’ and thereby collect on claims that had already been channeled to the Manville trust. …

And by effectively rewriting a long-final confirmation order (at precisely the time when its enforcement was necessary), the court of appeals gave enterprising plaintiffs’ lawyers an “end run” around a final federal court judgment.

Warren referred in her brief to the court’s responsibility to end “the asbestos litigation crisis.”

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Can voters believe anything Elizabeth Warren claims? Part I

Elizabeth Warren is still being questioned about her Cherokee ‘minority status’ claims by reporters but a much bigger pattern of her ‘lies’ emerge when you look at the many things she has said or written even before becoming a Senatorial candidate.  Most voters are unaware of Professor Warren’s continually debunked claims and outright lies because the media is not reporting them.   For Warren to pretend that she wants more regulations and accountability in government, she sure has a lot of explaining to do regarding the false claims she has made and continues to make on a regular basis.  How can voters trust anything Elizabeth Warren claims?

Professor Warren’s claims and the facts:

CLAIM:  Based on family lore, Warren claimed she is part Cherokee.  She ‘checked’ boxes claiming minority status throughout her career and Harvard listed  her as being a ‘minority’ as well.

FACT: There’s no proof that Warren is part Cherokee.  A genealogist  did research and found the following interesting tidbit of information regarding Warren’s family:

… That in a follow up article about Warren’s ancestry he says that Smith Crawford’s husband, Jonathan Crawford, was a member of the Tennessee militia who rounded up Cherokees and herded them into government-built stockades in Ross’s Landing, which is now Chattanooga, Tennessee. Ross’s Landing was a point of origin for the Trail of Tears.

CLAIM: Professor Warren claims that she is not wealthy or not so wealthy that she has millions in investments.

FACT:  Warren is a multi-millionaire who comfortably enjoys being in the top 1%.  From Buzzfeed:

Hard to see how Warren wouldn’t be, by most standards, wealthy, according to the Personal Financial Disclosure form she filed to run for Senate shows that she’s worth as much as $14.5 million. She earned more than $429,000 from Harvard last year alone for a total of about $700,000, and lives in a house worth $5 million.

She also has a portfolio of investments in stocks and bonds worth as much as $8 million, according to the form, which lists value ranges for each investment.

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