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Despicable Democrat ad lies to seniors to scare them for votes

In an ad just released by the DCCC(Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee) for far left wing candidate Ann Kuster (NH Congressional District 2),Democrats stoop to an all knew low with their lies about Paul Ryan’s Medicare plan. In the video, they claim that people who have worked hard and paid into Medicare are going to lose it and Charlie Bass (Republican candidate in NH Congressional District 2) voted for it. Every single person represented in the video is obviously elderly. Ryan’s plan does not affect anyone over 55 and it isn’t going to end Medicare either.

As if Democrats can’t sink any lower, they now sink to elder abuse, because there is nothing like fear mongering the elderly. This ad is egregious and Democrats should be ashamed of themselves. If they want to disagree with Ryan’s plan, feel free, that is what political parties do, but do not scare an entire segment of the country because you so desperately want to win an election. It’s reprehensible and Kuster spreads the same lies. Not only is this ad despicable but it shows the lack of respect Democrats have for seniors. Apparently Democrats believe that anyone 55 and older must be too stupid to read or actually look into legislation that may affect their lives.

Despicable ad by Democrats lies to scare seniors
Video: DCCC

Kuster pretends to care about seniors. If she she truly does, she’ll demand the DCCC take this false ad down because it is despicable. If she doesn’t, it proves yet again that she will do whatever Democrats tell her rather than what her constituents want. Democrats have already proven they are desperate during this election cycle but scaring senors to gain votes is beyond disgusting.

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Elizabeth Warren thinks Massachusetts women are stupid

In another debate last night for theMassachusetts Senate seat up for grabs this year, Scott Brown (Republican Incumbent) met with Elizabeth Warren (Democrat challenger) to discuss the issues. Warren continued her usual lies but again pushed her egregious lies about Brown’s ‘votes against women’ (recall the Senator is married with two daughters). Warren has a very long historyof fraud and lying but her ridiculous accusations that Brown is against his wife and daughters are just that, ridiculous. What’s even worse is that Warren obviously thinks women in Massachusetts are stupid because if any woman reads the two bills she’s referring to below, they’d see that she’s outright lying. Maybe it’s because Warren isn’t actually from Massachusetts. Maybe Warren thinks she’s above having to tell the truth because she’s a professor at Harvard. She hasn’t been honest throughout her campaign and maybe living in the ‘ivory towers’ for so long have finally eaten away at her brain.

These points were made in a video that Warren released for fundraising after the debate but they have all been lies debunked previously and often. Since Warren has a very long record of lying, it’s not surprising but it’s embarrassing that she believe women are so stupid:

Warren: Scott Brown had exactly one changed to vote equal pay for equal work and he voted no.

Warren is referring to the Paycheck Fairness Act which has absolutely nothing to do with equal pay. The Equal Pay Act was voted into law in the 1960s and has remained intact since then. The Paycheck Fairness Act is about lawsuits and forcing employers to allow people to discuss their pay at work, something that would create havoc in the workplace for all employees, never mind women. The Act would necessarily hurt women in the workforce but that doesn’t stop Warren from lying about it. Not only would it hurt women but it would hurt business and the economy but vulture lawyers like Warren would sure have a field day. (See Warren’s work against women with Dow Chemical)

Warren: He had exactly one chance to vote for insurance coverage for birth control and other preventative services for women, he voted no.

Amusing that Warren is referring to the Blunt Amendment that Teddy Kennedy also agreed withthat doesn’t force religious employers to provide any type of services that are against their religious beliefs – i.e., birth control and abortion. Apparently Warren wants to force Catholic institutions to now pay for abortions. Remember also that women can get birth control for around$9 a month at their local pharmacies. Of course, Warren believes women are too stupid to take care of themselves so big Daddy government has to step on the religious rights of institutions to make sure they take care of women.

Warren: He had one chance to vote for a pro-choice woman from Massachusetts to the United States Supreme Court and he voted no.

This is where Warren really shows she is out of her mind. She is referring to Elena Kagan who is now on the Supreme Court who had zero experience as a justice, ever. That’s right; Warren believes being pro-choice is a qualification for getting nominated to the Supreme Court. Forget that Kagan never sat one day in a court room as a judge; forget that Kagan never decided any civil or criminal cases as a justice; forget that Kagan had pretty much zero real world law experience; Warren believes women are so incredibly stupid that they’d vote for a woman to be in the highest judicial position in the United States just because she is pro-choice.

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Democrat Rep. Keith Ellison – His Despicable Lies and Historical Idiocy

In typical left wing lunatic fashion, Democrat Representative Keith Ellison from Minnesota recently spewed some huge whoppers at a forum he spoke at.  Mind you most of these are typical talking points handed down from the Democrat National Committee or some Left Wing organization but they are all lies and all lies that are easily proven TO be lies.  How anyone who has even half a brain can simply believe what someone as inept and vile as Ellison regurgitates is stunning.   The video is below as are some excerpts with direct Ellison quotes.  They are followed by the facts which prove his despicable lies to be just those – despicable lies.

Ellison: “This movement for Social Justice and an expanding embrace of America has been going on for a long time.”

Social Justice is not embracing America, it is forcing Americans to cater to a progressive ideology in which those who earn money and pay taxes are somehow responsible for giving their money to those who don’t earn money and pay taxes to somehow create social equality.  Social justice is un-American to its core.  It is more in line with Marxism and Communism

Ellison: “That group of people, that group of people that have always been afraid of change.” 

Anyone who understands Ellison’s far left wing/Marxist ideology SHOULD be afraid.  They should be very afraid because what Ellison wants is to create a society of haves and have nots – with people like himself as the elitist who make the rules and everyone else the slaves to the chains of Marxism.

Ellison: “They didn’t want to end slavery.”

Apparently Ellison doesn’t know the truth about history. 

Some facts for you Ellison:

It was Democrats who didn’t want to end slavery

It was Democrats who started the Ku Klux Klan

The Democrat Party is the only party to ever lynch a black man (along with the many white Republicans they lynched who supported civil rights).

It was Democrats who tried to stop the Civil Rights Act from passing over and over again.

It was Democrats who started the Jim Crow laws.

Ellison: “They didn’t want women to vote.”

It was Republicans who helped women get the right to vote.  Democrats were opposed because they feared women would vote for Republicans.   Suffragettes who were protesting for their right to vote outside of the White House while Progressive Woodrow Wilson was President were jailed.

Ellison: “Didn’t want people to organize in the workplace.” 

There doesn’t seem to be any history to back this claim up.  It was progressive FDR who was against public sector unions.

Ellison: “Conservatives want Mom’s to get back in the kitchen & take her shoes off & get pregnant   They are offended by strong, powerful women.”

Really Ellison?  Like Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann, Nikki Haley, Jan Brewer, Susanna Martinez, Mary Fallin, Kay Bailey Hutchinson, Kelly Ayotte, Renee Ellmers, Martha Roby,  etc etc.   There were 129 GOP women in House races and 17 in Senate races.   Conservatives want women barefoot and in the kitchen?  No we want our powerful, intelligent Conservative women holding offices all over the country to counter balance the moronic women the Democrat Party has in office like Barbara Boxer, Patty Murray, Sheila Jackson-Lee, Nancy Pelosi and Debbie Wasserman-Shultz.

Moral to the story Ellison – get some facts before opening your big mouth because there are people all over this country who know you are an ignorant fool when it comes to history and you are a typical far left wing extremist liar.