Elizabeth Warren has little respect for Massachusetts Voters

Elizabeth Warren
(Democrat) is running for the Senate seat in Massachusetts currently held by Scott Brown (Republican).  As her candidacy has unfolded, so has her past of fraudulence and continual lies.  Those things apparently aren’t bad enough.  Warren now wants to continue lying only it’s about Scott Brown and Republicans.  Rather than discuss the issues, she has chosen to outright lie about what legislation represents and not tell the truth about other policies.  Elizabeth Warren is originally from Oklahoma, maybe that’s why she has no respect for Massachusetts voters.

Below is a list of her recent lies and the actual truth, because the people in Massachusetts (and the entire country) deserve better:

Warren“Scott Brown voted against equal pay for women.”

The Equal Pay Act was voted on and passed in 1964 – long before Scott Brown was working in the Senate.  As a matter of fact, he was just a kid when that Act was passed (NOTE: only Democrats voted against it).  What Warren must be referring to is the Paycheck Fairness Act which is about lawsuits and forcing businesses to allow all employees to openly discuss what they are paid.  In fact, the Paycheck Fairness Act would actually hurt women  if it had passed.   Historical facts seem to be above Warren’s pay grade (earning millions does not make a person smarter).

Warren“Scott Brown voted to protect tax breaks for oil companies.”

There are no special tax breaks for oil companies“They are the standard relief afforded manufacturers, mining companies and other businesses to help recognize the costs of operations”  Increasing taxes on any company during a recession when unemployment has remained over an 8% high (thanks to Warren’s own political party) for 3 years would be voting for killing more jobs.    Apparently Warren doesn’t understand how business, the economy or the tax code works.  Scott Brown did the right thing for his constituents and the country by not voting to kill more jobs.

Warren“Scott Brown voted against three jobs bills.”

The ‘jobs bills’ Warren is referring to weren’t job creation bills but more spending bills.  After the debacle of the Stimulus that spent almost a trillion taxpayer dollars, Warren should know better than to think voters are willing to waste even more money.  The average cost per job ‘created or saved’ from the Stimulus bill was $300,000.  The private sector needs to create jobs and the House, with bi-partisan votes, has passed over 25 bills    that would not cost the taxpayers any money but would help create jobs in the private sector.  It is Democrat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid that has refused to bring the bills to the Senate floor.  Maybe Warren should start hammering Reid over this.

Warren“The Republican agenda is to limit women’s access to health care services.”

Warren is referring to the fight over forcing religious institutions to provide contraception to employees even though it is against their religious beliefs.  Funny thing, ‘Liberal Lion’ Teddy Kennedy agrees with Scott Brown and many others, including Democrats and the Constitution that the government not be allowed to force this upon these institutions.  No one is limiting access to health care services.  Women are free to go into their local pharmacy and purchase birth control at very cheap prices.  Apparently Warren believes women are too helpless to be personally responsible for their own actions.

Continue Reading here: http://www.examiner.com/article/elizabeth-warren-has-little-respect-for-massachusetts-voters

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