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65 Outrageous LIES by Obama

Lions and tigers and Tea Party, oh my!


New Hampshire Democrats thought they had an incredible scoop when they posted in a blog tonight that New Hampshire GOP regional field director Drew Cyr was ‘caught’ trying to enlist the help of a (gasp) Tea Party group for the November elections. They claim that the NH GOP is trying to ‘push’ the Tea Party agenda as if it’s a bad thing. Lower taxes, less government, less wasteful spending and more individual freedom are supposed to be bad things in ‘Live Free or Die’ New Hampshire – only if you’re a Democrat. It is so pathetic that the Brookline Democrats and DNC Chairman Raymond Buckley even retweeted it on Twitter.

For some reason Democrats in New Hampshire think that their ‘flying union monkey’ partnership of big government, higher taxes, huge pensions and wasteful spending is just dandy. Of course, their far left wing agenda hurts all residents in NH but that’s just a side effect of getting unions to buy elections for Democrats. To NH Democrats, their bedding the unions is absolutely acceptable but for the GOP to work with the Tea party, a group made up of Democrats, Republicans, Independents and Libertarians, is somehow almost criminal.

The problem for NH Democrats is that they cannot stand that the majority of people in the ‘Live Free or Die’ state of New Hampshire actually want less government, lower taxes and individual freedom. It kills them that they live right next to a state with huge government, high taxes and little individual freedom. In a recent study conducted at George Mason University, New Hampshire was scored as #1 in freedom and Massachusetts came in at a deplorable #46. So the very jealous Democrats in New Hampshire have to paint the Tea party as radical because the Tea Party represents everything they despise: lower taxes, less government and individual freedom. Are you starting to get the picture?

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