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schoolboardLast night Windham voters decidedly voted to rid the school board of Chairman Jerry Rekart and member Mike Joanis. Tom Murray and Daniel Popovici-Muller were the winners of those races. If you recall, the race became quite sleazy over the weekend when Windham Selectman Al Letizio Jr made outrageous accusations against Murray regarding an endorsement. Apparently sleaze and corruption aren’t what Windham voters are looking for in school board candidates.

Much of this began when Rekart called the police on Murray during a school board vote to shove an expensive and seemingly ridiculous “energy behavior program” down the throats of Windham residents with no public input. None of the school board members had much time to research Cenergistic nor did they have the actual contract to vote on when they were told to pass it!

And so began the downfall of two incumbent school board members. Unfortunately for Rekart and Joanis, they chose UNaccountability and INtransparency over protecting the best interest of Windham children and taxpayers. Clearly Windham voters didn’t take too kindly to that.

Then of course there were the sleazy, bullying, Obama-style politics of Selectman Al Letizio Jr. Over the weekend he posted outrageous claims on his official Facebook page against Murray. He also attacked Popovici-Muller. Meanwhile both Murray and Popovici-Muller kept their campaigns about the issues and never resorted to personal attacks.

Interesting that Letizio deleted all of his defamatory posts from Facebook and actually had the gall to post the following:

Congratulations to all winners of the elections. It’s time for all of us in Windham to unite and give these newly elected members our full support.

Of course, all of his previous posts were captured for the record and previously reported on by yours truly. How anyone can take this man seriously after the things he said and did is amusing. When Letizio’s time is up, it’ll be once again time for Windham voters to do the right thing for their town and dump the incumbent. This is the type of “change” voters can believe in.