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Dead People Vote in New Hampshire

This is outrageous and further PROOF that New Hampshire needs to pass a voter i.d. law.  Democrats in the State Legislature are part of the problem.  It’s time to stand up and create a solution!

Occupy Wall Street is nothing but a Union Movement

Occupy Wall Street has tried to paint themselves as a ‘grassroots’ movement of the 99%.  However it’s become increasingly clear that they have become nothing more than a union movement – the 12% of this country.  Tonight an organization called sponsored an event at Foley Square in New York City. claims to be ‘Fighting for a city that works for all’ with no links on their site (what can been seen of it) that tells people who they REALLY are – the SEIU.  From their ‘About Us’ page:

 About United NY

We’re standing up for a vision of New York City where everyone, not just a privileged few, has the opportunity to thrive and build a secure, dignified life for themselves and their families. Corporations, big banks and Wall Street are making billions in profits. They should be investing in good jobs and paying their fair share in taxes so we can stop the cuts to education, healthcare, public transportation and other vital city services.
It was aka SEIU that set up many of the ‘Occupy Events’:


Their facebook page claims they are a Community Organization – never mentions they are the SEIU:



Since some in the OWS claim to be against money in politics, one would find it strange that they would bed with unions since unions spend billions in politicking and do exactly the same thing as what OWS claims corporations do.  It was also strange to hear the OWS chanting well known union chants over and over (‘This is what Democracy looks like’ etc etc).  Most people just thought unions jumped on the bandwagon – not true. domain was created in APRIL 2011:

The following shows the IP Address of the website:

The following then links the IP addy to the SEIU in Washington D.C.:

So much for Occupy Wall Street being grassroots.  The Occupiers who had no clue about the union involvment are nothing but ‘useful idiots’ for unions and the far left wing.  The reason there was money and ‘tech guys’ to set up local phone lines and websites was because OWS is NOT a grassroots movement.  It’s a sham.  Occupy Wall Street isn’t about the 99%.  It’s about the 12% that are UNION in this country.  Period.

The Left’s egregious abuse of 9/11 heroes for perceived political gain

As if Trumka’s diatribe yesterday wasn’t bad enough, the Left has decided to jump on the psychotic bandwagon of using unions to somehow smear the Right as haters of our 9/11 First Responders.  Never in my life have I seen such disgrace of a devastating American tragedy as I have with the Left on the 10th Anniversary of 9/11.  The Left has sunk lower than I thought they could with their attempt at tying anti-union sentiments to anti-first responder sentiments.  It is the most egregious, despicable, heinous, vile, ANTI-American, divisive, derisive and disgusting behavior I have seen from the left since becoming involved in politics. 

I thought the Left blaming the Right for Gabby Giffords’ shooting was horrid but they have sunk to what has to be the lowest depths of the bowels of hate in years.  Here are just a few tweets from last night.  Notice who is tweeting this crap – Boehlert works for Soros’ Media Matters, Matt is a Union hack and RWWatchMa also works for Soros – hmmmm… are you seeing the pattern?



Apparently in Ohio at a 9/11 Memorial the Unions just couldn’t put aside their hate and politics.  They just had to protest Governor Kasich while pushing Obama’s ‘jobs plan’.  It is again one of the most vile examples of what is wrong with unions.   After 9/11 this country was unified as Americans.  It didn’t matter if you were union or not, black or white, male or female, Democrat or Republican.  Americans lost thousands of fellow Americans to Islamic Extremist Terrorists simply because we are Americans.  This country suffered a devastating loss that we will never forget.  Our First Responders were running up the stairs of the World Trade Center buildings to save lives.  They died fighting to save their fellow Americans.  They will always be heroes.

What the First Responders did had absolutely nothing to do with the union but had everything to do with their heroic actions on that day.  9/11 was a tragedy for all Americans and all Americans will always remember the people who lost their lives on that day.  For the left to politicize this tragedy and somehow use it to pit Democrats against Republicans is one of the most despicable political ploys they have tried yet.

The Left and unions are only hurting their ‘union cause’ further with this behavior.   The majority of Americans – whether Democrat or Republican, union or not – will find this politicization of 9/11 to be contemptible.  What the Left and unions are doing is taking away the heroism of the First Responders by turning it into a union issue – as if these heroes wouldn’t have done the same thing without a union representative.   They are abusing the actions and memories of our fallen heroes for some perceived, twisted political gain.  Once again, the unions turn Americans against them.  Unions create hate they do NOT create heroes.

Businesswoman: Obama Needs to Apologize for Economy

Wow… this CEO says exactly what many in business have been feeling for a very long time. 

h/t to @CFHeather


Obama has a PLAN – To Continue his Destruction of the Economy

It’s pretty clear to those who have been paying attention since 2009 that Obama is going along with his original plan – the destruction of the U.S. economy.  No, this isn’t some conspiracy theory, it’s pretty obvious from all of the policies that Obama has put into place along with the insane spending on ridiculous things that he has decided taxpayers should foot the bill for.  If you really have no clue (hint: if you’re a Liberal, you don’t) then let me refresh your memory.  In no particular damaging order:

Stimulus – over $800 billion (close to a Trillion with interest) that Obama demanded the completely Democrat controlled House & Senate pass or unemployment would go past 8%.   Earth to those who supported the porkulous – it was nothing more than Democrat pet projects that had little to nothing to do with infrastructure jobs or actual jobs that would ever serve a purpose to the United States taxpayers (other than Obama, Pelosi and Reid’s left wing buddies).  It was an epic failure.

Auto Bailout – This was nothing more than a disgusting display of union payback.  Obama screwed over the bondholders for the UAW when sending checks to GM and Chrysler (NOTE: Ford did NOT take a dime in bailout money) .  Obama forced hundreds of auto dealers (who didn’t cost GM or Chrysler a dime) to close their doors – even those who had stellar sales and were in business for sometimes over 100 years. 

Cash for Clunkers – This program not only cost taxpayers much more than the $4,000 credit given to those who purchased  new vehicles but it hurt the used auto industry , parts dealers and mechanics because Obama forced all of those vehicles to be destroyed.

Fishing Industry – The NOAA has been perverse in their ‘catch share’ regulations, so much so that many lifelong fishermen are now unemployed and will be until the corrupt NOAA is put to rest.

Oil Industry – Obama’s illegal oil moratorium killed or put on hold thousands of jobs in the industry (meanwhile he vowed to help Brazil dig for even deeper ocean oil); even forcing some rigs to leave for ‘greener pastures’.  This has had a horrific effect on the oil industry and thousands of people who rely on it in a domino effect.

Coal Industry – Obama’s EPA is now trying to push even further regulations on the coal industry (which powers this country) to the point where some aren’t even bothering to continue in it any longer and to the point where many will lose their jobs.  Of course, this shouldn’t be a surprise since Obama explicitly stated he wanted to bankrupt the coal industry via Cap & Trade when he was running for President.

Student Loan Industry – Obama decided to have the federal government take over and run the student loan industry  that previously was run by the private sector again killing thousands of jobs.  All one has to do is take a look at Fannie & Freddie or the Post Office to see how efficient and effective this idea will be.

Financial Reform Bill – Not only does this bill hurt consumers but it kills jobs and promotes corruption.  This bill was written by the very people (Dodd & Frank) who aided in the financial mess in the first place.

Fannie & Freddie – The Democrat’s favorite corrupt organization that had the biggest hand in the Housing crisis is taking billions of dollars  from taxpayers to bail the failing (and should be allowed to fail) organization out.   This is throwing bad money after bad.

Mortgage Financing Scam – Obama spent billions of taxpayer $$ to help people refinance their mortgages so they wouldn’t lose their homes  .  The program cost billions and not only pushed people into foreclosure who weren’t going to foreclose but helped very few others.

Illegal War in LibyaBillions of dollars spent on a war that Obama refuses to call a war and a war he also refuses to get permission from Congress to be in.  There is no reason for the U.S. to be in Libya let alone spend billions of dollars to be there.

No budget – Neither Obama nor the Democrats have passed a budget in over 800 days.  This is not only irresponsible but shows the Democrats’ complete and utter contempt for Americans.  They are elected to do a job and they can’t even handle the most basic element of that job – producing a budget.

Extending Unemployment for 99 Weeks – It has been proven throughout the WORLD that extending unemployment benefits only keeps people unemployed for longer.  This has proven true yet again.  You probably all know someone who stayed on unemployment the entire 99 weeks and then miraculously got a job when it was ending.

Killing 500,000 Non-union Jobs –  Obama has decided he wants to increase fuel standards (regardless of the fact that automakers have been doing this on their own the past 20 years).  “By 2025 auto makers will have to meet fuel efficiency standards that brings “new cars to 54.5 miles a gallon by 2025, roughly double the current level, in a bid to reduce U.S. oil consumption,” says the Wall Street Journal.”  Of course, these only apply to automakers in the U.S. – kiss even more jobs goodbye.

Obamacare – One of the biggest takeovers of any industry in United States history, Obamacare will hurt consumers, the medical profession, businesses and taxpayers while hurting the economy in general. 

EPA Food Regulations – The EPA is putting ridiculous regulations in place without any input from Congress or testimony from experts. This seems to be par for the course for the Obama Administration and this hurts consumers with higher costs , especially the poor, working and middle classes.

Increase in Welfare Spending – Obama has increased welfare spending from “$522 billion to $697 billion. The combined two-year increase will equal almost $263 billion ($88.2 bil­lion in FY 2009 plus $174.6 billion in FY 2010). After adjusting for inflation, this increase is two and a half times greater than any previous increase in federal welfare spending in U.S. history. As a share of the economy, annual fed­eral welfare spending will rise by roughly 1.2 percent of GDP.”

Increase in Foreign Aid – Obama seeks an 8% increase in foreign aid over last year;  Foreign aid that often reaches countries who absolutely despise the United States and often ends up in the hands of the corrupt leaders that run these countries without ever reaching its goal to help the actual people of the countries.

Billions Spent on ‘Green Jobs’ – Obama is spending billions of tax dollars on green jobs yet what exactly ARE ‘green jobs’?  Where are the statistics showing that all of the billions he is spending have created any ‘green jobs’?  (Note:  There ARE no statistics – even the Bureau of Labor Statistics can’t figure this one out.)  Just know that Americans are paying billions for them.

Printing Money – Also known as Quantitative Easing  – where the Federal Reserve feels the need to print ‘monopoly money’ in order to somehow stimulate the economy.  The problem is that Quantitative Easing actually hurts the economy in the long run by devaluing the dollar (amongst other negative impacts.)  Who does this hurt the most – the poor, working and middle classes.

The sad part is that this isn’t a complete list but it proves the point that Obama’s policies are destroying the U.S. economy.  The man is a Harvard graduate.  I would like to assume he isn’t a complete and utter moron unless Harvard’s standards have severely trended downward. If someone who had absolutely no clue about politics or economics read this list and all of the destruction that it is causing, they would have to come to the conclusion that whoever is putting these policies into place is seeking to destroy the country.  It is as clear as day.  Obama has a plan – it is to continue his destruction of the economy.

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Democrats have their heads up their asses


It’s been over 800 days since the Democrats have bothered to pass a budget.  They have spent the past several weeks fearmongering people about raising the debt ceiling yet they have done NOTHING to avoid that happening.  Not only did the House Republicans pass a budget but they have come up with at least 2 different debt ceiling plans that were both passed in the House. When these bills get to uber troll Harry Reid’s desk – he makes sure they are tabled.  People in this country and around the world are freaking out because there could be severe consequences if we don’t cut spending and raise the debt ceiling.  The KEY here is cutting spending.  S & P has already said that if Congress does not cut at a least $4 TRILLION from our spending, we we likely be downgraded.

It’s pretty clear the Democrats, along with their fuhrer Barack Hussein Obama, could care less about these dire consequences.  They have done absolutely nothing to compromise or work with the Republicans to take the needed measures regarding these serious issues.  This has got to lead people to understand that the Democrats and Obama WANT to help further destroy the economy.  Why in the hell else would they sit on their hands doing absolutely nothing to make this situation better?  It’s deplorable, abhorrent and despicable what the Democrats are doing yet it seems to be exactly what they have in mind.  The only other reason for their criminally negligent behavior towards the American people is that they have their heads up their asses.

Raise the Debt Ceiling Rap

Rap by Remy….

I have a feeling Liberals will still be clueless if they watch this.  They just cannot stop spending money on wasteful programs.  The ONLY program our goverment is supposed to actually be funding IS the military along with necessary evils but NOT huge pensions, welfare, foreign aid etc etc .  Feel free to cut the wars and Obama’s illegal war in Libya out of the military budget by sending our troops HOME.  And feel free to cut the programs that redistribute wealth from those who earn it to those who don’t (other than those who TRULY need the help).


h/t @JoeTheMailman

Business 101 – Why the wealthy are good for all Americans

The Left has been railing on the wealthy for decades.  They believe there is some sort of money tree and somehow the wealthy get up earlier and grab the majority of the wealth and the rest of us just get whatever is left over.  That is simply not the case of course.  Aside from the fact that the wealthy EARN their wealth (even trust funders got their money from someone who at some point EARNED it) and aside from the fact they already pay the majority of taxes in the United States, the wealthy help invest in and create jobs across this country because they have the money.   I’m going to try to make this simple like my last blog ‘It’s the Spending Stupid – Tax Cuts do NOT increase the Deficit.’  

The Left believes that people spending is what runs the economy – this is part of it but not the whole story.  Yes people have to spend money to keep businesses going but how did those businesses get started in the first place?  In many cases due to wealthy investors who have enough money that they are willing to risk investing in someone else’s idea so they can make more money.  The risk they take is that they lose all of their money if the idea doesn’t work.  I’m going to attempt to do this with a simple scenario that will hopefully make people understand the reality of business 101 and economics 101.

Person A is a wealthy businesswoman.  She runs her own company and makes millions of dollars a year.   We’ll call her Ms. Banks.

Person B is a middle class worker.  He currently works for a large corporation making decent money but has an idea that he’d love to put into production yet doesn’t have the funds to start a company and get the product manufactured and into the marketplace.  He needs a minimum of $500,000 in start-up costs.  He cannot get a loan for that much money.  We’ll call him Mr. Class.

Person C is an unemployed member of the working class.  He was working in a factory as a line supervisor but was laid off due to downsizing.   He is currently only purchasing the basics he needs to get by and refuses to use his credit cards in order to keep his debt low while unemployed.  We’ll call him Mr. Worker.

Mr. Class (person B) discovers that Ms. Banks (person A) likes to spend some of her money on start-up companies.  Since she is wealthy, she has the money and a start-up can either make her more money or lose her money but she only invests what she is willing to lose.  Mr. Class meets with Ms. Banks to present his brilliant idea to her.  Ms. Banks decides to ‘loan’ Mr. Class the $500,000 he needs to start his manufacturing company and get his product to the public.  If the product is successful, Ms. Banks will make a percentage on her investment and Mr. Class can become a wealthy entrepreneur himself.  If the product fails, Ms. Banks will lose the money she invested and Mr. Class will have to go back to working for someone else as he was before.

Mr. Class starts his new manufacturing company and must hire employees.  Mr. Worker (person C) is hired as a line supervisor.  The product is a great success!  Ms. Banks makes money on her investment; Mr. Class is now a successful business owner and Mr. Worker is gainfully employed again so that he can now spend money above his basic needs and help to stimulate the economy by buying the very product he is helping to produce which helps the company to succeed.

Without the wealthy investor, the entrepreneur would not have been able to make his dream a reality.

Without the wealthy investor, the worker would still be unemployed.

Without the wealthy investor, the worker wouldn’t have excess money to spend on those things that aren’t necessities and help to boost the economy.

This is a circular and very easy to understand economic reality of capitalism.  The entrepreneur creates, the wealthy investor invests and the worker is gainfully employed.  All three put money back into the economy because they have it which also further aids in boosting the economy.

Raising taxes on wealthy investors curbs the amount of money they are willing to part with to invest in companies or start-ups.  Raising taxes curbs the spending of those without jobs to keep businesses selling products in business.

It isn’t rocket science.  It’s business 101.  The economy doesn’t simply rely on people spending and the economy doesn’t simply rely on businesses creating jobs or investors investing.  It is a circular economic way of life that gets thrown a curve when taxes are raised – on the wealthy especially.

Not all small businesses rely on wealthy investors – they either save their own money or get loans from a bank (which of course does rely on wealthy investors) or in some cases loans from the federal government (which of course are our taxpayer dollars being put at risk and also relies on the wealthy in the form of taxes since the wealthy pay the majority of taxes). 

Of course there are all kinds of economic factors that come into play such as ridiculous government regulations,  political games that are played by giving political favorites federal grants etc… but the point is that without wealthy investors, many companies would not exist today.  Vilifying and demonizing the wealthy only shows how incredibly ignorant Democrats are in D.C. and around the country.

White House thinks Americans are morons – just WHO are the true morons?

The unemployment numbers were released today and unemployment has risen to 9.2%.  When asked if this would affect the 2012 election, White House buffoon David Plouffe said the following:

“The average American does not view the economy through the prism of GDP or unemployment rates or even monthly jobs numbers,” Plouffe said, according to Bloomberg. “People won’t vote based on the unemployment rate, they’re going to vote based on: ‘How do I feel about my own situation? Do I believe the president makes decisions based on me and my family?’ ”

Really?  Now understandably he is thinking about the type of people who voted for Obama and who were part of Organizing For America but the rest of the country actually cares about the economy because it directly affects them.  Let’s see… what has changed that ‘American morons’ wouldn’t notice:

  • Gas prices have risen
  • Food prices have risen
  • Unemployment has risen
  • Food stamp use has risen
  • Welfare rolls have increased
  • Deficit has increased
  • College tuition has increased
  • Foreclosures have increased
  • War spending has increased
  • The value of the dollar has decreased
  • The value of homes has decreased
  • Union thuggery has increased
  • States on the verge of bankruptcy have increased
  • Regulations on businesses have increased
  • Healthcare costs have increased
  • Obama’s number of golf games has increased
  • Michelle Obama’s vacations around the world have increased

So please rethink your assertion about Americans being morons Plouffe because it appears that the White House happens to contain the majority of morons in this country.  Your 2008 Obots never did get their unicorns.  You can be assured that they aren’t going to haul their asses to the voting booth to vote for another 4 years of Ofailure.


Do YOU know why Americans celebrate July 4th?


Some Americans actually don’t know why we celebrate July 4th.

In what should be deemed disturbing by any American, in the video below you’ll see that there are actual Americans who do not know why we celebrate Independence Day.  No, these are not 3 year old children, they are adults that have absolutely no clue why Americans, year after year, celebrate July 4th.   Mark Dice – author and activist – decided to hit a San Diego beach and ask people if they knew why we celebrate 4th of July.  What should be a ‘no brainer’ answer turns out not to be for some.  Is it that this isn’t being taught in public schools?  Or is it that Americans simply no longer care about the history of our country so they simply forget about it?   Whatever the reason, it is abhorrent that every American doesn’t understand why we celebrate July 4th.  

Not surprisingly, in a report by the New York Times, only 1 in 4 high school seniors passed civic exams with a score of ‘proficient’.