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Democrats have their heads up their asses


It’s been over 800 days since the Democrats have bothered to pass a budget.  They have spent the past several weeks fearmongering people about raising the debt ceiling yet they have done NOTHING to avoid that happening.  Not only did the House Republicans pass a budget but they have come up with at least 2 different debt ceiling plans that were both passed in the House. When these bills get to uber troll Harry Reid’s desk – he makes sure they are tabled.  People in this country and around the world are freaking out because there could be severe consequences if we don’t cut spending and raise the debt ceiling.  The KEY here is cutting spending.  S & P has already said that if Congress does not cut at a least $4 TRILLION from our spending, we we likely be downgraded.

It’s pretty clear the Democrats, along with their fuhrer Barack Hussein Obama, could care less about these dire consequences.  They have done absolutely nothing to compromise or work with the Republicans to take the needed measures regarding these serious issues.  This has got to lead people to understand that the Democrats and Obama WANT to help further destroy the economy.  Why in the hell else would they sit on their hands doing absolutely nothing to make this situation better?  It’s deplorable, abhorrent and despicable what the Democrats are doing yet it seems to be exactly what they have in mind.  The only other reason for their criminally negligent behavior towards the American people is that they have their heads up their asses.