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Do YOU know why Americans celebrate July 4th?


Some Americans actually don’t know why we celebrate July 4th.

In what should be deemed disturbing by any American, in the video below you’ll see that there are actual Americans who do not know why we celebrate Independence Day.  No, these are not 3 year old children, they are adults that have absolutely no clue why Americans, year after year, celebrate July 4th.   Mark Dice – author and activist – decided to hit a San Diego beach and ask people if they knew why we celebrate 4th of July.  What should be a ‘no brainer’ answer turns out not to be for some.  Is it that this isn’t being taught in public schools?  Or is it that Americans simply no longer care about the history of our country so they simply forget about it?   Whatever the reason, it is abhorrent that every American doesn’t understand why we celebrate July 4th.  

Not surprisingly, in a report by the New York Times, only 1 in 4 high school seniors passed civic exams with a score of ‘proficient’.