Black Teacher Ridicules White student wearing Romney t-shirt


On ‘dress down Friday’ in a Philadelphia high school, a 16 year old sophomore decided to wear a pink Romney/Ryan t-shirt. Unfortunately for the student, Samantha Pawlucy, she has a Geometry teacher who doesn’t like Romney; doesn’t agree with freedom of speech or expression and doesn’t know history. The teacher humiliated the young girl in class by telling her to ‘get out’ or change her t-shirt. The teacher, who is black, told Pawlucy that her wearing that shirt would be like the teacher wearing a KKK shirt. Apparently the teacher doesn’t know that theKKK was started by the Democrats.

What is missing in most of the stories that have been published is this teacher’s obviousracism. Had a white teacher done this to a black student wearing an Obama/Biden t-shirt, all hell would have broken loose and it would somehow be the Republican Party’s fault. The race of the teacher hasn’t even been widely reported – why is that? The story is bad enough but it’s far worse that this teacher is black and she specifically used racist terms as an analogy against a white student simply showing her support for a candidate; a candidate the teacher clearly isn’t supporting.

There should be no other alternative than for this teacher to be fired. Children shouldn’t be afraid to exercise their free speech rights in school when those rights are completely reasonable. Teachers probably see many articles of clothing that they disagree with but keep their mouths shut because that’s the right thing to do. This teacher lacks the civility, respect and historical knowledge to be further supported with taxpayer dollars in our school systems.

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3 responses to “Black Teacher Ridicules White student wearing Romney t-shirt

  • daveparent

    Would be national news if this was the other way around.

  • Southpaw

    I saw a brief blurb about this on the news, and I thought it was awful then – and that was before you so kindly filled in the gaps. I had no idea the full scope of this story, that the teacher was black, and had equated the girl to the KKK. It is my understanding that the young lady also said the teacher must be fired. I agree. This teacher IS obviously racist, and is not fit to teach children. If all she can bring to the table is bias and humiliation against white students, she has to go. No doubt however, the Teachers Union will cover her tail, which is also disgraceful. Thank you for filling in the gaps with some very relevant missing info.

  • E. Speed

    Race doesn’t need to even be in the equation for one reason. Just on the fact that a teacher did this action to any student is enough to be relieved of duty. Regardless of whatever I might believe or have an opinion about my responsibility as a teacher is to create students with thinking minds who question and research the issues. If the teacher had done this to a black student it would be just as egregious a wrong as if it had been a white teacher doing this to a white student or an Hispanic teacher doing this to an Hispanic student and on and on. But my point is this wrong, regardless of the race of the teacher or student.

    The person should not be in a classroom and it has nothing to do with race and everything to do with the fact that as teacher we are to role models, mentors, and the facilitators of educated thinking citizens.


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