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The hypocrisy of NH State Rep Chris Serlin

Recently there was a big brouhaha over Speaker O’Brien not allowing a couple of Concord Monitor reporters into a press conference due to the Monitor’s printing of a cartoon depicting O’Brien as a Nazi.  The event was an “invite only” one in which only those with invitations were welcome to the proceedings.  Democrats ripped O’Brien for “punishing” the reporters.  Apparently some representatives were conversing back and forth via email that they should rally around O’Brien’s decision.  Then an interesting thing happened, as reported in the miscellanyblue blog – Democrat Representative Chris Serlin added his two cents, chiding the representatives (you can see his full email here):

It’s incredible to watch this train wreck unfold. So many of you calling for the wagons to be circled around the Speaker for the Press has DARED to paint him in an unfavorable light in a cartoon. The HORROR!

If the Press “behaves” then they are afforded access. Oh how rich! As if the people and the Press work for us – or are our peers. What is this — a Banana Republic, where the politicians tell the press what they should and should not do?

We work for the people of New Hampshire, which includes the Press. There is nothing that the press or the citizens of NH owe us. We owe THEM. We owe it to them all to be just a wee bit less sensitive to any who may insult us. A cartoon — from May — really? How ridiculous.

Why is this interesting and completely hypocritical on Representative Serlin’s part?  For two reasons:  #1 – back April during the public lynching of George Zimmerman, Rep Serlin tried and convicted Zimmerman on Twitter.  Not very adult behavior and not very professional behavior for a New Hampshire Representative.  #2 – After this author published the article alerting the public to Serlin’s outrageous behavior; she was blocked by him on Twitter.  Yes the very same Representative who is chiding his colleagues in the above email also blocked a member of the Press and a citizen of NH over his own egregious behavior.

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