Daily Archives: April 20, 2012

Union Leaders – Nevermind the Law

Nothing new here.  Union leaders have always ignored the law and committed crimes whenever they feel like it.  Funny the first speaker talks about the right to ‘Freedom of Association’ except he is FOR FORCED UNIONISM which takes that ‘right’ AWAY.  The hypocrisy and criminal element in the unions is despicable.  Progressives are their ‘allies’?  Guess what America – progressives are not PRO-Constitution which is why the Unions love them because neither are they.

NH State Rep Serlin Convicts Zimmerman

This morning Democrat NH State Representative Serlin (Portsmouth &  Newington) decided that he himself was judge and jury when it comes to the  Zimmerman/Martin case on Twitter (disturbing  coming from an elected official):

“Zimmernam went out of his way to kill that boy. He s/b found guilty of  murder.”

Either Rep. Serlin was on the scene and no one knows about it yet or he’s  deciding what really happened before seeing all of the actual evidence.   For an elected official to make such assumptions shows that he neither respects  the justice system nor understands it.  With the media lynching and race  mongering that has been going on over this case one would think that an elected  official in ‘Live Free or Die’ New Hampshire would wait until the jury decided  what the outcome is before commenting in such a fashion.

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