Extremists, Radicals and Freestaters – Oh My!!

Those are the ‘fear mongering’ talking points that seem to come across most New Hampshire Democrats’ lips, tweets, press releases and facebook entries lately regarding legislation being brought forth by the Republicans.  Of course these are the same talking points handed down from the DNC only in the Granite State they add ‘Freestaters’ because those evil, freedom loving Libertarians are such radicals!    The Democrats have no real leg to stand on when it comes to legislation.  Apparently they didn’t get the memo from New Hampshire voters in 2010 when Republicans were voted into the Legislature by a majority.

Granite State Democrats complain that legislation such as repealing RGGI or the passing Right-to-Work legislation are ‘social issues’.  Funny because RGGI does absolutely nothing to help the environment, is a crony capitalist slush fund and costs consumers and businesses even more for electricity costs.  Repealing RGGI will help consumers and businesses by lowering electricity costs and as already stated – have zero, nada, and zilch effect on the environment.

Democrats like to pretend they are for the middle class and workers’ rights yet they are against Right-to-Work legislation which is PRO workers’ rights, giving workers the freedom from being forced to pay union dues or fees.  Since it’s well known that Democrats, including Governor Lynch and those in the New Hampshire State Legislature, are bought and paid for with union dues (which most members disagree with by the way), who exactly are the extremists and radicals – the Republicans who are trying to make the state better for workers and business or the Democrats who want to continue union oppression of workers?

A couple examples from the New Hampshire Democrat Party site:

New Hampshire Democratic Party Chairman Ray Buckley released the following statement on Newt Gingrich’s campaign announcement:

 “…Newt Gingrich’s record of tearing down government – accumulated from nearly four decades in Washington – have made him a darling of extreme fiscal conservatives but not right for Granite Staters who value common sense policies that help those in need over a drown-the-government agenda. Gingrich’s campaign organization, consisting of a vast network of special interests, means he’ll put business first and Granite Staters last.

New Hampshire Senate Republicans Join House Circus and Vote to Reduce Wages, Kill Jobs

“A right-to-work-for-less bill may allow the extremists now in control of the Republican Party to check off an item on their reckless agenda and pay homage to their out of state billionaire contributors, but it will cost New Hampshire workers millions of dollars a year in lower wages and destroy thousands of jobs.”

This is more than amusing since it is extreme Nanny-state government that voters rejected at the ballot box in November.  The votes were not only a referendum on Obama and national Democrats for their far left extremism but on local Democrats as well.  New Hampshire isn’t called the ‘Live Free or Die’ state because it wants to replicate our Nanny state neighbors.  While New Hampshire Democrats use the same talking points handed to them from the DNC that their counterparts in the uber-liberal Massachusetts use, they must understand that Granite Staters are much different breed of people.  New Hampshire is the last bastion of true freedom in New England and the majority of voters have already proven they’d like to keep it that way, no matter how hard the NH Democrat Party seeks to turn it into Massachusetts.  Extremists, Radicals and Freestaters – keep up the good work!

Some facts on Right-to-Work states can be found here.  Democrats refuse to research the fact that Right-to-Work will be extremely beneficial to New Hampshire’s economy and job creation.

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